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Student Story: Sebastian Anguilar Tinajero (UCLA)

Sebastian Anguilar Tinajero, UCLA, Fall Quarter 2021

"How can I possibly summarize this experience in a caption? This was the first time I was away from home for college, and yes, it happened a hundred of miles away from my home campus in my fourth and final year. UCDC was one of the best experiences of my life and reaffirmed so many of the things I am passionate for. I planned protests and called activists across the country through my internship with Public Citizen, attended protests for women’s rights and racial justice, met many key political figures, networked with folks, explored a city with so much history and its surroundings (Philly, Baltimore, and NYC), and met awesome friends along the way."

--Sebastian Anguilar Tinajero,  Fall '21 (Internship: Public Citizen)



Photo of the Month, September 2021


UCDC Fall 2021 Semester students visit the National Arboretum in Washington D.C. Group photo at the Capitol Columns, credit to Sharif Saleh, UC Berkeley.

Credit: Sharif Saleh, UC Berkeley