Washington Center

Governing Council

The Governing Council selects the Executive Director, authorizes the University of California Washington Program's annual operating budget and provides oversight of overall operations.

The membership of this council includes senior UC management and representatives of the systemwide Academic Senate. Memers are appointed by the campus Executive Vice Chancellors and the University Provost for Academic Affairs.

Governing Council Members

David Marshall (Chair) - Executive Vice Chancellor; Professor of English and Comparative Literature, UC Santa Barbara

Katherine Newman - Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs, UCOP

Douglas Haynes - Vice Provost for Academic Personnel and Programs, UCOP

Ted Huang - Director of Financial Planning and Analysis, UCOP

Jennifer Diascro - Interim Executive Director, UCDC

Heavenly Clegg - Assistant Director, Administration, UCDC

Juliet A. Williams* - Chair of Social Science Interdepartmental Program, Professor of Gender Studies, UC Los Angeles

Wilfred E. Brown - Associate Vice Chancellor, Housing Dining & Auxiliary Service, UC Santa Barbara

James Danziger** - Professor of Political Science

Adriana Galván - Dean of Undergraduate Education College of Letters and Sciences, UC Los Angeles

Stephen Sutton - Vic Chancellor of Student Affairs, UC Berkeley

*AAC Liaison