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Fall 2020 REMOTE Courses

A list of possible courses to be offered as remote instruction for the Fall 2020 REMOTE term can be accessed using the drop-down menu below. Select Fall 2020 Quarter or Fall 2020 Semester.

For *preliminary* information about each course, click on the course title. UCDC faculty are currently working to adapt their in-person courses and syllabi for virtual instruction.  As a result, course titles and descriptions are likely to change a bit.

Please note: In the event of low enrollment, a class may be cancelled. Students will be informed as soon as possible and enrolled in a different class.

Fall Quarter 2020 & Fall Semester 2020

Core Seminar

Fall Quarter 2020

Quarter Elective

  • Power and Purpose: Understanding U.S. Foreign Policy

    This course explores the ideas and assumptions that guide U.S. foreign policy. We will consider how U.S. leaders choose to engage with the rest of the world -- and consider how they might in the future -- by focusing on a number of recurring themes...

  • Trump vs. Biden: Campaign 2020 and the Election of a Lifetime

    After stunning the nation, and the world, with his win in 2016, President Trump is facing re-election at a moment of racial unrest, economic uncertainty and a global pandemic.

    How did we reach this point? What, if any, lessons from previous...