Washington Center

Move-In and Move-Out

Moving In

You may arrive as early at 8:00 AM on the start date listed on your contract. Move-in will take place in the lobby of UC Washington Center. Depending on your arrival time you will receive your residential keys from the ResLife staff or the building security team. Keep in mind you and your apartment mates will be arriving at various times throughout the day and night.  

Mandatory Residential Orientation

Orientation is mandatory. If you have a scheduling conflict please contact Residential Services staff at StudentServices@ucdc.edu, no less than 3 business days before your contracted check-in date.  

Receiving Your Building Access

Upon moving in to the building, each resident is issued an apartment/room key (metal) and a Sonitrol access fob (plastic). Each key and fob is assigned a code, which is specifically assigned to the resident for their time at the UC Washington Center.

If you have problems with or lose your building access items, please come to the Residential Life Office during office hours.

You are prohibited from giving any of the access items listed below to any other individual, including roommates and guests.

1. Building Access Fob
2. Apartment/Room Keys
  • Always keep your doors locked and carry your keys.
  • If you are temporarily locked out, see Security for a 15-minute courtesy key. (The elevator and stairwell will grant you access to the lobby without your fob.)
  • If it is determined the resident is responsible for key or lock damages, charges may be assessed.  
  • The UC Washington Center reserves the right to re-key a room or apartment at any time.
  • You must return your key at the end of the term, failure to do so will result in a $100 fine plus a replacement fee.
3. Washington Center Identification Card

You will be provided with an identification card (picture ID) for the UC Washington Center.

  • When you leave the building please carry your Washington Center Identification Card.
  • The Washington Center ID must be shown to security each and every time you enter the building.
  • You must return your card at the end of the term, failure to do so will result in a $100 fine plus a replacement fee.

Completing Your Apartment Inventory Form

When you move into the building an apartment inventory form will be in your apartment. It is very important that you complete this form accurately, noting any missing or defective furnishings and any existing damage to the apartment. You must turn in the apartment inventory form by the date and time specified in the Residential Orientation. Turning in an apartment inventory form is not the same as submitting a work order. If you find a concern that requires a work order, please submit a work order on top of noting it in the apartment assessment form. 

In the event you request a replacement or new item for your apartment, Residential Life reserves the right to bill all occupants of the apartment for the replacement item. All apartment occupants are responsible for upkeep of apartment items.

Upon checkout, the maintenance staff will inspect your apartment using this same form. You will be held financially responsible for any discrepancies in the condition of your apartment and its furnishings. Apartment spaces such as the kitchen, bathroom, and living area will be the responsibility of all residents who reside in the unit. If you do not turn in the form, you and your apartment-mates will forfeit your right to appeal damage charges after you check out. The maintenance staff will use a new form to assess your apartment upon check out if your form is not returned.

Moving Out

You will receive information describing the checkout process 2-3 weeks before the end of the term (pdf). Use this as reference for what you need to do to prepare for your departure.

If you have any questions and/or need further clarification about move-out procedures, please re-read the attached document in the check-out e-mail that will be sent out to you. If you still have questions, contact us at StudentServices@ucdc.edu.

Additionally, failure to follow the appropriate procedures will result in restrictions being placed on present and future University records:

  • Your apartment must be vacated by the ending date/time written on your housing contract.
  • Failure to leave your room and apartment in a clean and orderly condition can result in fines
  • Charges may also be assessed for loss or damage to premises, equipment or furnishings for which you are responsible
  • All damage, cleaning, and key charges will be invoiced and mailed to you for reimbursement.
  • There is a $100.00 charge for not returning the Washington Center ID, keys, and fob at check out in addition to the fees for the items.
  • You cannot stay in the building as a guest of a resident for a period of 15 days before and after the dates indicated on your housing contract.  
  • Special exceptions for stays over a term break (for reasons such as: extended internships or student program participation for 2 terms) must be approved by both Building/Housing Manager and the Program Administrator.