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Healthcare Resources

Mental Health

Mental health services are provided cost-free to UCDC students currently participating in the program through the online provider, LiveHealth Online (LHO). UC students may be familiar with LHO as it is associated with UC SHIP (UC Student Health Insurance Plan). These services are virutal only. 


Visit the UCDC Canvas Student Information Center (Modules > Basic Needs & Mental Health Information) for full details, including:

  • Which services are covered
  • How to set up an account
  • How to book an appointment

Please note that services are available only during your enrollment in UCDC. 

Healthcare Access and Health Insurance While Away From Campus

One of the last things one considers while participating in programs away from one’s home campus is what to do if illness occurs. But a small amount of advanced planning can make a big difference in your future health and wellness.  Please improve the likelihood of your success by reading the following information now and taking this opportunity to review your healthcare needs during your off-campus program participation.

Consider these questions:
  • Where is the nearest Emergency Room at my off-campus program site?
  • Where will I get health services if I am sick, but it is not an emergency?
  • How will my medical care services be paid for?
  • If there is a health fee on my home campus, does it cover me at out-of-area clinics?
  • How does my health insurance (campus or private) work out of area? Do I know whom to ask?
  • If I use medication regularly, how will I get refills?
  • If I have a chronic illness, will I have the necessary healthcare records or a treatment plan for my needs while I am away from campus?

Off-Campus Insurance Needs

If you have your campus’ student health insurance plan, your home campus student health service is your best resource for how the plan works and what it covers out-of-area, as well as, what you may need to pay for in co-pays and out-of-pocket costs. A list of contacts for information about out-of-area benefits included in your campus Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is provided below.

If you waived the campus health insurance and have a private plan, their customer service personnel will be the best resource for information about your out-of-area benefits.

Other Considerations

In preparation for your time away, other medical needs to consider are:

  • Taking care of your pre-travel needs, such as immunizations and medication supplies before leaving.
  • Getting information about clinics and hospitals in the area you’ll be studying, and whether they will accept your insurance or ask you to pay for services up front.
  • Getting information on reimbursements from your insurance plan for services you may need. Many HMOs may not reimburse non-emergency care.

Remember to bring:

  • Your insurance card.
  • Records with you for any ongoing medical conditions for which you are likely to need care while you are away.
  • Emergency contact information.

Campus Contacts for Student Health Insurance Plans

UC SHIP Offices Telephone Email Website
Berkeley (510) 642-5700 ship@uhs.berkeley.edu http://www.uhs.berkeley.edu/students/insurance/
Davis (530) 752-6055   https://shcs.ucdavis.edu/insurance/ship/
Irvine (949) 824-2388 shc-insurance@uci.edu http://www.shs.uci.edu/health_insurance_privacy/insurance.aspx
Los Angeles (310) 825-4073 Option 4    http://www.studenthealth.ucla.edu/CustPages/Insurance.aspx
Riverside (909) 787-5683 marsha.tolson@ucr.edu http://studenthealth.ucr.edu/index.html
San Diego (858) 534-2124 ship3@ucsd.edu https://studenthealth.ucsd.edu/ucshipabout.shtml
Santa Barbara (805) 893-5361 studenthealth@sa.ucsb.edu http://studenthealth.sa.ucsb.edu/
Santa Cruz (831) 459-2389 insure@ucsc.edu http://healthcenter.ucsc.edu/billing-insurance/insurance-information-2014-15.html

Hotlines, Emergency Numbers, and Support Groups

  • Emergency: 911
  • AIDS Info Line: (202) 332-2437 
  • CDC National Aids Hotline: (800) 232-4636
  • DC Rape Crisis Hotline: (202) 333-7273
  • DC Police (non-emergency): 311
  • Access Help Line: (888) 793-4357
  • Georgetown University Diet Management & Eating Disorders Clinic: (202) 687-6980
  • Gay and Lesbian Crisis/ Hotline/Referral Line: (202) 833-3234
  • Metro Transit Police: (202) 962-2121
  • Substance Abuse/Alcohol Alcoholics Anonymous: (202) 509-9590
  • Suicide Hotline: (800) 273-8255
  • National Center for Victims of Crime: (202) 467-8700

Local Hospitals and Medical Resources

Note: You will have to pay up front at most of these facilities. Appointments cost between $60 and $100. Make sure you know your insurance information and get receipts!

Medical Referral Line: (888) 449-3627

Dental Referral Line: (866) 639-7444