Washington Center

Sexual Violence Prevention and Response

The University of California Washington Center is committed to offering a safe environment for all members of its community. All forms of sexual harassment and sexual violence, including sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking violate University policy and may violate the law.

This website provides the UC Washington Center community with information about how to get and give help, how to report incidents, and what your responsibilities are as a member of our community.

If you are a UCDC student or faculty from any UC campus you can learn more about reporting options available to you at your home campus:

If you are a UCDC student from any of the guest campuses listed below, you can contact your campus’ Title IX office to learn more about available resources at your home campus.

Reports involving visiting students will be forward to the appropriate home campus for adjudication. UCDC reserves the right to implement appropriate interim measures necessary to ensure the safety of all UCDC community members.

UC Policies 

The University of California Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment, linked below, provides information regarding the University’s prevention and response efforts to sex offenses. The UC Police on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment contains information regarding how the University works to prevent sex offenses, how it will respond once it becomes aware of a sex offense, and of the many resources available to those who have been affected by a sex offense.

UC’s policies and codes of conduct spell out the rights and responsibilities of students and employees in ensuring that UCDC is a safe environment, and how the university addresses reports of sexual violence and sexual harassment.

Response to reports of sexual violence and/or sexual harassment involving UCDC faculty or staff occurs as described here.