Washington Center

Parent and Family Quick Links

Washington is a vibrant and often inspirational setting for students to enrich their college education. The UC Washington Center offers students the chance to gain vaulable work experience and make lifelong connections while studying with UC faculty and members of the Washington community. 

Students work with faculty and staff to find internships and courses that meet their academic needs. The University of Califonria works hard to make the Washington term a rewarding, productive and safe experience. Please contact staff at the center if you have any questions or concerns.


Parents are welcome to visit. Many use the opportunity to explore Washington.  The center offers a limited number of modestly-priced, hotel-like rooms on its top floor for visiting family, faculty and scholars. Click here for information. There are also a number of nearby hotels.


The academic calendar in Washington differs slightly from the home campus in order to accommodate both quarter and semester students.


Tuition to the Washington program is identical to tuition at the home campus. Additional costs may be incurred for travel, housing and clothing. Several campus web sites provide more specific cost estimates. Most financial aid offices will adjust a student’s package to meet additional costs. Merit-based public service scholarships are available for students who intern on Capitol Hill.


The UCDC Center is located near Dupont Circle, a safe area five blocks north of the White House, surrounded by apartments, hotels, embassies, and think tanks. Violent crime is extremely rare.

A secuirty guard is on duty 24-hours a day. University IDs are required to enter the building. An electronic key is needed to access to residential floors.

The building has a zero tolerance drug use policy. Violators will be dismissed from the program immediately.

George Washington University Hospital maintains a 24-hour urgent care center and emergency room less than a mile from the center.


Every student is assigned a mailbox for personal mail. There is a mailbox in the lobby and a Post Office two blocks away. More mail information.

Mailing address is
UC Washington Center
1608 Rhode Island Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20036

The Center

All students live in an 11-story building owned and constructed by the University of California in 2001. Classes, faculty and staff offices are located in the building. More building information.