Washington Center

Residential Life - Frequently Asked Questions

What’s my address?  Do I have to include my apartment number?

Your address is:

Your Name, Academic Term (Example: Spring Semester 2017)

1608 Rhode Island Ave NW Apt ###

Washington, DC 20036

You receive your apartment number at move-in. If someone forgets to put the apartment number, don’t panic! We will still get your mail to you as long as your full name is on the envelope/package. Please do not send anything earlier than 3 business days before your intended move-in date.

Where can I buy stamps?

There is a stamp vending machine on the first floor by the Security Desk. They accept quarters.

Where are the laundry rooms?

Rooms 405, 605, and 1005 are laundry rooms.

They accept quarters and credit/debit cards. The center does not have machine to dispense quarters so please plan accordingly. 

Where are the water fountains?

Hydration stations are located on the 4th, 7th, and 10th floors in front of the elevators. 

How/where do I get my mail? What about packages?

Mailboxes are on the 4th floor. Your mailbox # is the same as your apartment # and your apartment key opens your mailbox. Any mail without a tracking number (usually envelope mail) will be delivered to this mailbox.

Packages can be picked up from the Residential Life Office window, which is on your left when you exit the elevators or the stairwell on the 4th floor. You will be notified by email sent from ResidentialServices@ucdc.edu if you have received a package. 

Can I reserve Avenue C?

No. Avenue C can only be reserved by Residential Life Staff for programs and events. Otherwise, it’s first come, first serve (Be considerate if there are other people waiting).

I lost my key/fob/ID/UPass metro card. What should I do?

If you are temporarily locked out of your apartment you may get a 15 minute courtesy key from the Security Desk. If you have lost your key/fob/ID/UPass metro card you will need to purchase a replacement at the Residential Life Office during posted business hours. You’ll want to have those items replaced ASAP. If you do not return any of these items during move-out, you will be fined $100+the cost to replace the item(s).

Who can help me with IT problems?

Please visit our IT Office on the 3rd floor. When you exit the elevator or the stairwell, turn left all the way until the end of the hallway, and then turn right into a suite of offices. They are here during weekdays normal business hours. You can also submit an IT ticket to ITsupport@ucdc.edu using your primary e-mail in your SIS account.

If you need to connect to wifi after hours, you have two options. You can try to connect to the Guest wifi (which only works on the first three floors) or you can go to a nearby public wifi location. 

What if there’s an emergency? 

You can reach the Residential Staff at our 24/7 emergency line: (202) 415 - 9275.  This is not an information line so please only use this line in the event of an emergency.  Of course, you’re welcome to approach any of us if you see us in the building or email us your questions.