Washington Center

Guest Visitation Procedures

Updated: Mar 8, 2024 at 12:00 pm


We understand that guests may be an important part of your experience at UCDC. While your visitors are enjoying your time here, we must do our best to maintain the safety and secrutiy of our community and building. With that goal in mind, it's important to remember that guest privliedges can be revoked from a stuent or the entire community at any time, without notice.


You may have guests while staying at the UC Washington Center, where we categorize guests into two groups: 

  • Day Guest: A non-resident you check into the Center between 7:00 AM and 12:00 AM 
  • Overnight Guest: A non-resident you check into the Center between 12:00 AM and 7:00 AM
    • Day Guests that Become Overnight Guests: If you have a day guest staying after 12:00 AM, you must go to the Security desk to sign them in as an overnight guest to avoid a conduct violation. 


An approved Apartment Agreement Form must be on file with Residential Services to have guests. Apartment Agreement Forms are due no later than the Monday following Orientation. New Agreement Forms will be required if anyone new moves into your apartment after an original submission. 


Covid Measures for Guests 

Daily Screening: All guests (day and overnight) are required to complete the UCDC daily screening before they are granted entry to the building. Overnight guests must complete the screening each day they are in the building after their arrival day.  


Testing and Reporting: All overnight guests must fully comply with whatever COVID policy/requirement is in place at the time of their visit to the center, and current policy supercedes any COVID measures outlined on this guest page.  

At the time of distribution of this policy, guests must test for COVID if they are experiencing symptoms and must report any positive tests to UCDC-COVID-19-Responses@ucdc.edu. If a guest tests positive during their stay, their host must ensure they follow UCDC’s COVID isolation procedures and comply with staff directions regarding COVID. Failure to comply with these expectations may result in removal from the buliding and/or conduct violations for the host student. Alternatively, guests may choose to end their stay at UCDC and manage their COVID care as they like. All other procudures and limitations of the guest policy apply.  



Confirm that you are able to have guests: 

  • Your Apartment Agreement Form must be on file with Residential Life before checking in any guests. If you have not submitted a form, do so at least 2 business days before having your first guest. 
  • Discuss your plans with your apartment mates so you do not exceed the guest limitations outlined below. 

Check in all guests at the Security desk upon their arrival: 

  • Guests must have a valid government ID to receive a visitor’s pass. 

You are responsible for your guest(s) and must always accompany them during their stay at the Center: 

  • You must accompany your guest(s) upon re-enter into the building, and they must show their visitor’s pass to Security. 
  • The guest of a student may not enter the building with only the visitor pass.  
  • Guests may be asked to leave the premises if deemed necessary by a Center staff member. 

You must check your guests out upon their departure.

  • Guests must return their visitor’s pass to Security. 

You are prohibited from allowing guests to be in posession of your (or any other UCDC student’s) access item: access card (fob), apartment key, or UCDC ID. 


Guest Limitations

No guests are allowed the first week of each academic term (guest moratorium). Guest moratorium ends at 2:00 pm on Monday, one week after orientation. Please note that there may be instances when the moratorium is extended, without a great deal of notice.  

  • No more than 2 guests are allowed in an apartment at any time.

  • You are prohibited from checking in guests for other residents. 

  • You are prohibited from allowing guests to be in posession of your (or any other UCDC student’s) access item: access card (fob), apartment key, or UCDC ID. 

  • Residents may not be checked in as guests 15 days prior to and 15 days following their housing contract (original and extended).  

Guests under 18 years of age need to complete and submit the Minor Waiver, signed by the parent of the minor. If the host resident is not the parent of the underage guest, the host resident may not sign as the parent of the minor. 


Additional Length of Stay Limitations

  • Overnight guests are allowed to stay up to 7 cumulative nights within a 21-day period, which begins the first night of their stay. 

  • If a guest stays 7 cumulative nights within a 21-day period, then they may not stay as an overnight guest for 21 days following their last night in the building. 


Guests During Contract Extensions

  • Day/overnight guests, regardless of length of stay, must be pre-approved. 

  • If you are returning to the Center for an additional academic term, you will not be permitted to have any guests during move-in weekend or during the standard guest moratorium during the first week of the term. No exceptions will be made for move-in weekend or the guest moratorium. 


Please email StudentServices@ucdc.edu if you have any questions about the guest policy.