Washington Center


This page provides information about safety issues at the UC Washington Center (UCDC).

Safety and Security

The Washington Center is secured by access control, CCTV, and security guard service.  All entry and exit points to the building are monitored 24/7 by a network based CCTV system.   Access control is maintained and monitored by Stanley Convergent Security Services. The security guard station in the main lobby is manned 24/7.

Fire Protection

The Washington Center is a fully sprinkled building with a full building fire and smoke detection system.  The main alarm system, monitored by Stanley Convergent Security Systems, is a horizontal alarm system which means when one floor goes into alarm, the floor above and below go into alarm as well.  If you hear a fire or smoke alarm, please proceed to the nearest emergency exit, proceed out the nearest exit of the building and proceed to 16th street between Rhode Island Ave. and M Street.

Building Evacuation

All occupants of the building that can hear an alarm or see persons evacuating the building must evacuate the building. There are two stairwells located in the building (north and south)

As well as three exits to the building on the first floor (south stairwell exit, north main doors, east side exit).  All apartments on floors 4-11 have evacuation maps located on the rear of each apartment door indicating the primary fire exit route.  The Emergency Coordinator and designated building staff will assist with directing the occupants of the building to the Designated Assembly Area. View the Emergency Preparedness Plan.

Other Safety Topics

Information about other safety topics may be found at: http://www.ucop.edu/environment-health-safety/resources/safety-spotlight.html