Washington Center

Programs in DC


The UC Washington Center is home to the University of California's Washington, DC-based systemwide academic program (UCDC) as well as multi-campus research units (MRUs) and other business and operations offices of the University. In addition, it is host to a number of other academic and research programs for other higher education institutions. 


UC Washington Program (UCDC)

For campus-specific information, eligibility, and application instructions, visit your home campus UCDC office at the link below:

UC Berkeley

UC Davis

UC Irvine

UC Los Angeles

UC Merced

UC Riverside

UC San Diego

UC Santa Barbara

UC Santa Cruz


Other Academic Programs at the UC Washington Center

UCDC Law Program Director: Nicole Lehtman (202) 974-6392

University of San Francisco in Washington DC Program Manager: Madeline Meininger (415) 422-5046



Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) Executive Director: Keith Martin (202) 974-6363

Forum for Collaborative Research/University of California, Berkeley Executive Director: Veronica Miller (202) 833-4617

Inter-University Program for Latino Research (IUPLR) National Coordinator: Olga Herrera (202) 974-6282


Business & Operations

University of California, Office of Federal Governmental Relations (FGR) (202) 974-6300

Student Press Law Center (202) 785-5450