Washington Center

Student Life Handbook

Student Life Contacts

Contact and emergency information.

Check-in to Check-Out

Procedures that will allow checking in and checking out to go smoothly.

Your Apartment

Everything you need to know about your new home at UCDC.

Mediation and Room Changes

Living with roommates and room changes. 

Guest Visitation Procedures

Learn how to check guests into the building and what limitations exist for someone you bring into the Center.

Building Resources

Information about the building's amenities as well as health and safety information.

Maintenance and Housekeeping

Housekeeping, pest control, and how to submit a work order.

Sexual Violence Prevention

Information regarding assistance, response, and resources available at UCDC.

Residential Conduct Policies

How to conduct yourself while living here at UCDC.

Conduct Procedures

How the Residential Conduct Policies are enforced.

Technology Regulations

What not to do when using the internet at the UCDC center (and elsewhere).

Harassment & Nondiscrimination

To ensure UCDC provides an appropriate environment for everyone.

What to do in an Emergency

Be prepared in case of an emergency or evacuation.

Healthcare & Emergency Information

Insurance information, phone numbers, and healthcare facilities located near you.