Washington Center

Conduct Procedures

The goals of the conduct process are to:

  • Determine if a resident has violated a policy.
  • Assist residents in understanding how they have violated policy and why such behavior is unacceptable within the UC Washington Center.
  • Promote compatible communal living with opportunities for educational sanctions whenever possible.

Notification/Fact Finding

After an alleged violation occurs, the Residential Life Office will notify the involved resident(s). Depending on the severity of the violation, the resident(s) can either be issued a warning letter or required to schedule an inquiry meeting with the Director of Student Services. At that time, the resident(s) will have the opportunity to discuss reports that have been submitted to the Residential Life Office. Resident(s) can admit to or refute all allegations of violations.


If a resident is found in violation of a policy, sanctions are likely to be imposed. These may include a written warning, community service or special project, restitution for damages, exclusion from activities or specific locations, relocation from assigned living space to another, and Residential Life probation or termination of the housing contract. The Director of the UC Washington Center and the campus Program Director will be notified based on the severity of the violation and the sanction(s) imposed.

Termination of Housing Contract

Termination/Eviction means that you must move out of your apartment on the date specified. You are not allowed to return to live in the UC Washington Center in future years and you are not allowed to return as a guest in the facility. The Center is a standalone facility removed in time and distance from the university. Also, it has a small staff and as consequence may lack the resources and/or training to provide the range of disciplinary options normally available on a campus. For this reason the Center is more likely to use termination of the housing contract and eviction as a disciplinary action than may be normally utilized on a campus.


Residents can appeal decisions made by the Director of Student Services to the Executive Director of the UC Washington Center only if there is new information provided or a procedural irregularity occurred. Appeals must be submitted in writing within three working days of receiving a sanction letter. General areas of appeals may include introduction of new evidence or failure to uphold the resident’s rights.