Washington Center

Residential Conduct Policies

Alcohol Policy

The possession, sale, manufacturing, distribution, or consumption of alcohol by persons under the age of 21 is prohibited and illegal under state and federal laws, and University of California policy. Violators are subject to disciplinary action, criminal prosecution and imprisonment. It is unlawful to sell, furnish or provide alcohol to a person under the age of 21.

  1. A resident who is at least 21 years of age and elects to consume alcohol may do so in his/her own apartment with the door closed.
  2. No possession, transportation (in plain view), or consumption of open containers will be allowed in common or public areas by any person, regardless of age. Common/public areas are defined as all facility areas that are not part of the private confines of a resident apartment. In such a case where the Resident Apartment door is propped open, the apartment will be considered common/public space.
  3. Possession of large quantities of alcohol is prohibited. Large quantities can include kegs, pony kegs, party balls, tap systems, keg taps, trash cans, funnels, surgical tubing etc., and similar large volume containers.
  4. The inability to exercise care for one's own safety or the safety of others due in whole or in part to alcohol consumption is considered a violation of policy.
  5. Any disruptive or abusive behavior or damage resulting from the use of alcoholic beverages shall not limit the responsibility of the individual for his/her activity. Such behavior and/or violation will result in disciplinary sanctions and possible eviction.
  6. Violation of any other policy while under the influence of alcohol is considered an additional violation.

Controlled Substances Policy

  1. Possession, use, manufacture, sale, distribution, or consumption of illegal and/or dangerous drugs is prohibited and illegal under state and federal laws, and a violation of University of California policy.
  2. Possession of paraphernalia containing controlled substances, or residue of controlled substances, is prohibited.
  3. Violation of any other policy while under the influence of a controlled substance is considered an additional violation.
  4. The inability to exercise care for one’s safety or the safety of others due in whole or in part to being under the influence of a controlled substance is considered a violation of policy.

Residents in violation of any of the above drug policies will immediately have his/her housing contract terminated without refund and could also be subject to additional disciplinary action, and could also be subject to criminal prosecution and imprisonment..  Additionally, a report of the incident will be forwarded to the appropriate campus academic program or judicial office for review. Further sanctions may be imposed upon the students home campus.

Disorderly/Lewd Conduct Policy

Disorderly, and/or lewd conduct is prohibited: this includes but is not limited to pranks. 

Disruptive Conduct Policy

Behavior and/or conduct that obstructs/disrupts University staff members from performing their official duties is prohibited.

This may include, but is not limited to, failure to comply with the directives of University official, physical and verbal abuse, and/or threats of violence.

Disturbances Policy

Participation in disturbances that threaten the health and safety of yourself or others is prohibited. 

Door Policy

Willfully propping any door, which has been designated as a fire door, or a security door (including the front door to your apartment) is prohibited. Residents who prop open these doors are jeopardizing the safety and security of all other residents living within the building. 

Elevators Policy

Tampering with elevators is prohibited.

This includes, but is not limited to: removing button plates, pulling doors open/shut, tampering with wiring, jumping up and down while inside the elevator, or pushing the alarm bell unnecessarily. 

Extended Resident Stays

Residents are bound by the dates on the housing contract.  In order to be approved to stay beyond the  contracted date an Extended Stay/Early Arrival Form must be completed and submitted  to the Building/Housing Manager. The form must first be signed by your Academic Program Administrator. No resident is allowed to stay as a guest 30 days before or after their contractual date. 

Failure to Comply Policy

Failure to comply with terms of sanctions imposed as a result of conduct action is a separate violation of policy. 

False Information Policy

Dishonesty or knowingly furnishing false information or identification to a University staff member and/or designee is prohibited.

This includes, but is not limited to, furnishing information for the purpose of gaining unauthorized access to the Washington Center, Washington Center sponsored events, or for the use of Washington Center equipment. 

Fire Safety Policy

  1. Failure to evacuate the building immediately upon the sound of an alarm or to follow specific evacuation and safety procedures will result in disciplinary action up to and including removal from University Housing. Misuse or tampering with fire safety equipment including, but not limited to, removal of door closers, and unapproved postings near or on fire equipment is prohibited.
  2. Tampering with safety equipment (directly or indirectly) including, but not limited to smoke detectors, access devises, and fire extinguishers is a minimum $200 fine and/or all costs associated with the restoration of equipment involved.
  3. Tampering with safety equipment in conjunction with other violations including but not limited to smoking, alcohol consumption, and controlled substance use and/or possession will result in immediate termination of the residential housing contract without refund.
  4. Sprinklers– Care must be taken not to cause the sprinkler heads to go off unnecessarily by hitting the heads, throwing objects at or hanging items from the sprinklers. This will activate the sprinklers and potentially cause serious water damage, as well as summon the fire department. The resident responsible for the damage to the sprinkler will be required to pay for all of the damages associated with the incident. Residents will be held responsible for the behavior of their guests and will be held accountable for their actions. 

Flammable Items Policy

  1. Possession of explosives and flammable substances including firecrackers, flammable liquids such as lamp oils and gasoline, and chemicals that are toxic or explosive in nature is prohibited.
  2. Possession and/or use of candles, incense and the burning of any materials or other flame-emitted articles are prohibited.
  3. Halogen lamps are equipped with high intensity light bulbs that can be flammable and are therefore prohibited.
  4. Holiday trees and decorative lights are prohibited. 

Hall Sports Policy

Recreational use of skateboards, bicycles, or roller blades within the Washington Center or contiguous area, is prohibited. Use also includes, but is not limited to, throwing or kicking objects indoors. 

Identification Policy

Residents and guests must carry identification at all times while in the building. Upon request by a staff member, residents must produce a UC Washington Center ID. Guests must carry their identification badge at all times while in the building. Residents must show their UCDC ID each time they enter the Center failure to do so will result in a progressive fine. Residents may sign into the security desk and return with their UCDC ID within 15 minutes to avoid the following fines:

  1. Failure to Show ID

            1st offense            $5 charge

            2nd offense            $10 charge

            3rd offense             $15 charge

            4th offense             $20 charge and judicial hearing

  1. Guests will provide security with a valid government ID and be issued a student guest ID. Student guest ID’s must be returned to the security desk when the guest checks out. 
  2. Students are prohibited from providing access items to guests that includes but are not limited to, apartment keys, Sonitrol fobs and UCDC Identification Cards.  Students must escort guests at all times. Violating this policy will result in a fine of $100.00. 

Keys Policy

Unauthorized possession, duplication, or misuse of room master keys is prohibited.

This includes, but is not limited to, electronic keys used for building access. 

Parties Policy

  • Serving drinks to minors or supplying minors with alcohol is illegal and prohibited.
  • The person(s) hosting a party will be held responsible for any drinking by minors.
  • The person(s) hosting a party must ensure that any guest drinking alcohol is over the age of 21.
  • Drinking must only occur within the physical premises of the apartment with the door closed. If a door to a resident apartment is propped open, the room is considered to be a common area.
  • Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action (also see section on Alcohol).
    • Residents under the age of 21 cannot host a party where alcohol is present.
    • Parties must conform to the UC Washington Center Quiet Hour Policy. Music and noise must be kept to a moderate level so as not to disrupt the living environment of the residential community.

Pets Policy

Neither students or their invited guests are permitted to have animals of any sort in the building at any time unless a written request for an exception has been submitted to and approved by the Director of Student Services. Students violating the pet policy will be subject to disciplinary action and possible contract termination. In addition, the resident will be liable for any costs incurred by the Center for damages, fumigation, carpet shampooing, or furniture repair. 

Physical Abuse Policy

Physical abuse, assault, threats, intimidation, harassment and/or coercion are prohibited.

Posting Policy

  • All postings must be approved by the Residence Life Office.
  • Posting is allowed only in specific areas of the building.
  • Advertisement of open parties and/or any event where alcohol is part of its advertising or display of offensive pictures or illustrations is prohibited.
  • The Director of Student Services must approve any materials that are placed in residents’ mailboxes. Please allow three working days for the staff to distribute the materials into the mailboxes.
  • Posting materials on apartment windows is prohibited including, but not limited to: written materials, decorations, pictures or any type of lighting or lights.
  • Residents who are offended by materials posted in common areas are to consult with Coordinators of Student Development immediately. 

Private Business Policy

No private business may be run out of a residential apartment. 

Public Decorum Policy

The UC Washington Center houses the UC Office of Federal Government Relations and multi-campus research units on the second floor.  There  will be many special events throughout the quarter/semester and residents are expected to conduct themselves in  an appropriate manner.  Failure to provide  propriety of manner and decency of conduct is a violation of policy. Occasionally the Center will host events by invitation only.  Please honor any notices regarding such events.  Food and drinks purchased for events are to be consumed by the event attendees only.  Theft of drinks and food from Center events is prohibited. 

Quiet Hours Policy

Specifically designated Quiet Hours are:

  • Sunday – Thursday from 11:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m.
  • Friday and Saturday from 1:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
  1. Loud noises or disturbing sounds (such as, but not limited to talking, music, etc.) that interfere with others’ rights are prohibited at any time.
  2. Failure to comply with the requests from other residents or staff members to lower noise levels in the Center, (this may include but is not limited to, hallways, apartments, stairways, and elevators) is prohibited.

Twenty-four hour quiet hours are in effect during the last week of the quarter/semester so that residents can complete their final coursework. Dates for twenty-four hour quiet hour signs will be posted on all residential floors due to the varying schedules of the individual campuses.

Resident Responsibility Policy

Each resident is responsible for the condition of the apartment. Residents are also responsible for the common areas including the fire extinguisher boxes on their floor. If damage occurs on your floor, the Residence Life Staff will assess charges to the individual or group directly responsible for the damage. To avoid charges for damage for which you are not responsible, be aware of what is going on where you live and report damage immediately to the staff. Damage charges will be assessed at the end of each quarter after you check out and an invoice will be sent to you listing all charges and a request for payment within 15 days. Failure to pay damage charges will result in administrative restrictions being placed on present and future University records.

Appeals for Damage Charges—Your damage notification letter will include a section on the appeal process. If you do not appeal your charges, you will be charged in full regardless of whether your roommates appeal. Each individual resident is responsible for filing an appeal. An appeal by one roommate does not apply to all the residents in the apartment. All roommates may file an appeal letter together. In that case, the response to the appeal will apply to all roommates. Appeals are sent to the Building/Housing Manager for a final decision. 

Restricted Areas Policy

Unauthorized presence on rooftops, ledges, or areas marked or known to be restricted access in any residential facility is prohibited. 

Solicitation Policy

As a protection to residents, UC Washington Center policy does not permit salespersons, peddlers or agents in the residences. Please notify the Security Desk immediately should you encounter any individual soliciting in the building. Specific groups and individuals with permission may distribute materials via mailboxes and postings (see Posting Policy). 

Smoking Policy

The UC Washington Center is a non-smoking facility.

  1. Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) in the Washington Center or within twenty (20) feet of the Washington Center entrance is prohibited.
  2. Hookah pipes and paraphernalia are not permitted in the UC Washington Center.
  3. In addition to other sanctions, violators of this policy will be held responsible for any necessary repairs and to rid their apartment of lingering smoke or odor.
  4. Please review the full University of California Tobacco Free Policy here: http://www.ucop.edu/risk-services/loss-prevention-control/uc-smoke-tobacco-free.html  

Theft/Unauthorized Use Policy

Theft, tampering, misuse and/or unauthorized use of personal or University property, equipment or resources with the Washington Center is prohibited.

This includes, but is not limited to Avenue C, lounge furniture, and/or laundry room equipment, equipment involving computing, networking, or information resources.

If a theft occurs in your apartment, please contact Coordinators of Student Development or the Director of Student Services immediately. A report will be taken, and criminal charges may be filed. Make sure that you have adequate renter’s insurance on your personal property. 

Trespass Policy

An individual may be charged with criminal trespass if he/she knowingly enters or remains unlawfully in or upon the premises of another resident apartment or is found in any restricted access area of the building. An uninvited individual may be instructed to leave either by a resident, Coordinators of Student Development, another staff member, Security Officer, or Police Officer. 

Vandalism Policy

Vandalizing or damaging residential facilities including, but not limited to misuse of individual or  common area furnishings, removal of signs, putting holes in walls/doors, and excessive messes is prohibited. Furniture cannot be removed or relocated from lounges, the terrace, or 1st floor lobby.  If lounge or lobby furniture is found in an apartment, a fine will be assessed to that apartment based on the items removed. 

Verbal Abuse Policy

Verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, harassment and/ or coercion are prohibited.

Weapons Policy

  1. Firearms, ammunition, fireworks, knives (other than kitchen utensils) having a blade longer than five inches, martial arts equipment, and any other instruments that pose a risk of damage or injury are prohibited.
  2. Maintaining, storing, or discharging any firearms on UC Washington Center property is prohibited.

Window Policy

In order to create a uniform appearance on the exterior of the building, students may not post, hang, or place items in windows or on windowsills.  

Restricted Areas Policy

Unauthorized presence on rooftops, ledges, or areas marked or known to be restricted access in any residential facility is prohibited.