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UCDC Law Program - Placement Process

It is the responsibility of students participating in the Law Program to secure their own externship.   Program staff are constantly developing new externship opportunities, and will work with students and externship supervisors to achieve the best possible matches. Regardless, students are encouraged to conduct their own research to identify placements of interest or specific areas of interest.  Once the UCDC law application is submitted, the Program Director will schedule a telephone appointment to discuss placement options that are consistent with the students’ interest.  After the initial telephone call, the Program Director will provide students with a list of potential placement matches.  It is the students’ responsibility to submit their application to the placements.  Students are free to apply to the placements of their choice, however, to participate in the Law Program a UCDC law application is required. A list of organizations with which previous program participants have externed is available here.

The Program Director is available to the students throughout the placement process to help with their placement search.  Students should provide the Program Director with periodic updates on their progress.   

If you are made an offer, you must obtain the Program Director’s approval immediately.  You cannot accept an offer or enroll in the Program without having your placement approved by the Director.    The Program Director will contact the placement to ensure it will meet the required criteria indicated below:

  • Direct supervision by an attorney
  • Involvement with federal law (either legislative, executive, regulatory or advocacy work)
  • Commitment from the externship supervisor to ensure an educational experience consistent with the UCDC Law Externship Agreement

Once the placement is approved, the Program Director will notify your school and you will be permitted to register for the placement and companion course.