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Summer 2022 - Academic internships

Student FAQs 


What kind of work will I do if my internship is offered in a hybrid or remote modality? 


We expect hybrid or remote assignments to be like those given out in person. Projects will vary from one organization to another and could include research, analysis, graphic design, social media management, and more.  Employers are encouraged to assign projects that relate to both the overall goal of the organization and short-term projects helping with the day-to-day work of the office.  


What are the dates for internships at UCDC? 


Students are expected to intern for ten weeks, from June 14th to August19th, 2022There will be a mandatory orientation for all UCDC participants on June 13th.  


How many hours per week are students expected to spend on projects?


Students will contribute a minimum of 24-32 hours of work per week on projects with their internship hosts.  More hours are permitted based on need and mutual agreement with the internship site.  The schedule will be drawn between the student and supervisor based on projects, need and activities conducted by the organization.


Will internships be compensated?  


Some positions may include compensation, though a majority are unpaid.  We encourage you to inquire about pay when you apply and interview with each organization. We recognize that compensation may be critical in your ability to afford the internship experience, anwe encourage internship sites to offer compensation when possible. There are no restrictions on UCDC students receiving compensation and academic credit.  


If I enroll in an internship course through UCDC/ UCLA Summer Sessions, what fees will I be expected to pay?    


Course fees for the summer academic internship course are listed on our Course Fees & Enrollment page Students will be charged UCDC housing fees separately through their home campus.  


If I enroll in an internship course through UCDC/ UCLA Summer Sessions, will I be eligible for financial aid?


Yes. We encourage you to be proactive and seek information about your financial aid package and communicate with financial aid staff on your campus. Your UCDC campus coordinator may also be able to help connect you with the appropriate staff members. 


Where can I find a list of organizations that are offering remote internships?


As soon as participants register in the internship course offered through UCDC/ UCLA Summer Sessions, they will be contacted by our Academic Internship Team (AIT) and provided with additional information, including a weekly newsletter where we share internship leads.  We expect the list to grow each week as our team engages with employers and internship sites firm up their summer plans  


How do I apply to internships?   


Once you enroll and are contacted by AIT, you will gain access to the UCDC database.  You will be encouraged to upload your materials for review by your Program Administrator (PA), who will provide advice.  Once you have done this, follow the prompts in the database under each employer’s internship postings.   


We also recommend that you stay in close contact with your PA so they can help you communicate with organizations.  Typically, an application includes:  

  • Resume
  • Cover letter detailing your interests in the organization, your participation in the UCDC program, and the dates and hours you are available. 
  • Optional: unofficial transcript  
  • Optional: letter of recommendation 

Your PA will be able to counsel you on the steps to take as you prepare for interviews and negotiate offers.  PAs are assigned to work with specific campuses.  Please reach out to us at internship@ucdc.edu if you have any questions.  

How many academic units will I receive if I participate in UCDC’s Academic Internship Program during summer 2022?   


Most students who enroll in UCDC’s internship course receive four credits.  To receive a passing grade, students must complete 24 hours per week for ten weeks and receive a satisfactory evaluation by their internship supervisor at the end of the term.  There is an option to earn up to eight units for students who intern 32 hours per week and complete additional written assignments   



Internship modalities vary widely.  Will an  internship (if hybrid or remote) increase my chance of securing other internships or employment in DC or elsewhere? 


In these uncertain times, the ability to connect with employers in a hybrid, remote, or in-person professional setting is strongly recommended.  Thousands of organizations in the DC area have employees working from home and shifted to hybrid/ remote operations.  Your creativity, collaboration, empathydesire to learn, and your flexibility during such an extraordinary time are qualities that future employers will value The connections you make and the experiences you will be able to share will make you a stronger candidate for future opportunities.  


Can I participate in an internship hosted by an organization that is not located in Washington, DC?  


YesWe are being flexible with requirements, however proper review and vetting must take place before accepting an offer from an outside organization.  Please contact your Program Administrator (PA) to discuss further.  


If I withdraw from the summer program, can I defer to a different term in 2022-2023?  


Maybe, depending on your campus. Please contact your campus UCDC office to inquire  If you need assistance connecting with the proper staff, let us know.  


Will UCDC offer opportunities to network with alumni or meet fellow summer students 


We are looking at the possibility of engaging alumni in mentoring activities online through webinars, one-on-one communications, or panel discussions. We are also exploring ways to connect members of the summer cohort.  We will share details with you as plans progress.  


Course-related Questions

How do I register for summer courses?

UCLA students should proceed directly to MyUCLA for enrollment. All other students must begin by registering online

What are SRS numbers?

Students can enroll in a course by manually entering the unique SRS course number assigned for each course. 

You must manually enter the appropriate SRS number because courses are not taking place on the UCLA campus and do not appear in the UCLA Summer Schedule of Classes.

Will course units transfer back to my home UC campus?

The internship course offered by UCDC during summer is sponsored by UCLA Summer Sessions.  At the end of the term, students will be able to order transcripts online through URSA. Information available here.

Where can I obtain course information?

Course and instructor information

What are the requirements of the internship course?

Students enrolled in the internship course M195DC can earn 4 or 8 units of P/NP credit (please check with your home campus to see if you are eligible to earn credit for this course). Students will be required to sign an internship contract listing their employer information, tasks and responsibilities as well as agree to abide by all course requirements.  Course information.

How do I drop my classes?

You may drop your internship course through MyUCLA anytime until July 1, 2022 for a full refund of unit fees. UC students will be charged a $150 processing fee if all courses are dropped regardless of whether the classes have begun; this processing fee will not be charged if enrolled in at least one class. For non-UC students, the entirety of the $350 registration fee is non-refundable, if all courses are dropped. For more information, go to UCLA Summer Sessions refund policy.


Fees, Course Enrollments, and Financial Aid

I am a recipient of Cal-Vet benefits. How do I enroll?

Please complete the registration process as described on the Course Fees & Enrollment page, and notify us at UCDCsummersessions@ucdc.edu

What happens if my financial aid disbursement is delayed?

It is your responsibility to pay for all summer session fees as stipulated in the registration process and on the UCLA Summer Sessions Website.  We recommend that you speak with your campus financial aid office and UCDC campus coordinator about your aid package and the timing of your disbursement.

Links to Campus Financial Aid Offices
When will I receive my transcript?  How will my grade be transferred?   

Ordering a transcript can be done online through MyUCLA.