Washington Center

UCDC Summer Academic Program - Internship Course



Instructor of record

Meeting day/ times Classroom

Washington, DC Internship 

(PS M195DC)

Jennifer Diascro


Work Plan agreement and internship contract must be submitted to UCDCsummersession@ucdc.edu by June 27, 2023.



Washington, DC Internship

Political Science M195DC

4 or 8 quarter units

Instructor of record: Jennifer Diascro

P/NP Grade Only

SRS Numbers:

-324856210 - section 1 (4 unit option)

-324856410 - section 2 (8 unit option: enter both SRS numbers)


4 unit option: minimum of 20-24 hrs/ week

8 unit option: minimum of 32 hrs/ week

Work Plan Agreement and Internship Contract required.  Please submit to UCDCsummersession@ucdc.edu by June 27, 2023.