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UCDC Summer Academic Program - General Information


The UCDC Summer Academic Program is open to UC students who have satisfied all UCDC application requirements established by their campuses, have been admitted to the program through their home campus, and signed a housing contract with UCDC. 

For campuses without a summer program (UC Santa Cruz and UC Merced), please contact UCDCsummersession@ucdc.edu .  

Registration & Important Dates for Summer 2023

Feb. 15th  Registration begins for UCDC students
April 19th  Registration deadline (PSM195DC - Internship course - 4 or 8 units) 
June 20th  Mandatory UCDC orientations 
June 23rd Payment deadline for UC students 
June 27th  Deadline to submit UCLA Internship Contract and UCDC Work Plan Agreement (PSM195DC - Internship course)
June 30th  Last day to drop the course and receive a refund - 100% of course fees (for full details, see Academic Course FAQ
August 4th  Deadline to submit a tangible evidence of work (PSM195DC - Internship course) 
August 25th   End date for DC internship (PSM195DC - Internship course)

Enrollment Instructions 

How to Register

UCLA students should proceed to register and enroll directly on MyUCLA. All other students should follow these steps to register:

  1. Please begin by filling out the online registration form. Visiting students (UC undergraduate students) will be required to submit a $150 non-refundable deposit at the completion of the registration form.
  2. Once the registration form has been submitted, you will receive an e-mail with your UCLA ID (UID) number.
  3. Please use this UID number to create a UCLA logon and password. To create a UCLA logon and password, please go to MyUCLA. Click on "Create UCLA Logon/Password". The UCLA logon and password will allow you to enroll in courses and make changes to your program using MyUCLA.
  4. MyUCLA may ask you to verify your email address prior to proceeding to the main menu. If it does not, please verify and update your email and mailing address by selecting "My Contact Information" under the SETTINGS option in the upper right hand corner.

How to Enroll

After filling out the online registration form, creating a UCLA logon and password, and selecting the SRS course numbers from the curriculum, please follow these steps to enroll:

  1. Login to MyUCLA with your newly created UCLA logon and password.
  2. At the MyUCLA Main Menu, select "Find a Class and Enroll" under the CLASSES drop-down menu to enroll.
  3. Select the term "2023 Summer". Using this menu, you can search for classes using the "Class ID Number" or use the "Advanced Search. For a tutorial on enrolling, please click here.
  4. Next, enter the class's SRS number and click "Search".
  5. Once the course is confirmed, you can verify your enrollment by selecting "Study List" under the CLASSES drop-down menu on the MyUCLA main menu
  6. Registration is completed when all fees are paid. The payment deadline is June 23rd for UC students. 
  7. You can make payment of your tuition through MyUCLA via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX or Discover) or e-Check.

MyUCLA is the student records system that allows you to control your enrollment and manage your accounts. Students can use MyUCLA to enroll, pay for classes, update personal information, view course lists, order transcripts, change grading options, and much more. 

If you have trouble accessing MyUCLA, or you have forgotten your Logon ID or password, please contact Bruin Online

UC students (non-UCLA): The $150 non-refundable deposit that was charged to your credit card at the beginning of the registration process will be applied to your BruinBill account within 24 hours of enrollment. Please verify that it has been posted to your account before making any payments to avoid overpayment.

Enroll directly on MyUCLA. Click here to view information for the UCDC/ UCLA Summer Sessions internship course and obtain SRS numbers for enrollment. 

Contact information

General Inquiries: Send to UCDCsummersession@ucdc.edu  


UCLA Summer Sessions -- Registration and Enrollment Questions

Katy Villegas

(310) 206-7789