Washington Center

Programs in DC


The UC Washington Center is home to the University of California's Washington, DC-based systemwide academic program (UCDC) as well as multi-campus research units (MRUs) and other business and operations offices of the University. In addition, it is host to a number of other academic and research programs for other higher education institutions. 


UC Washington Program (UCDC)

UC Berkeley

Mary Crabb

(510) 664-4410

UC Davis

Cheryl Purifoy and Chad Higgs

(530) 754-5718

UC Irvine

Michelle Mallen 

(949) 824-5400

UC Los Angeles

Rachel Charime

UC Merced

Diana Garcia Hernandez and Valerie Anderson


UC Riverside

Jennifer Kavetsky

UC San Diego

Jennifer Homrich

(858) 534-4355

UC Santa Barbara

Molly Flick-Kaiser and Emily Tom-Atzberger

(805) 893-3892

UC Santa Cruz

Ashley Bayman

(831) 459-2858

UCDC Interim Executive Director: Jennifer Diascro (202) 974-6200


Other Academic Programs at the UC Washington Center

UCDC Law Program Director: Nicole Lehtman (202) 974-6392

University of San Francisco in Washington DC Program Manager: Madeline Meininger (415) 422-5046



Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) Executive Director: Keith Martin (202) 974-6363

Forum for Collaborative Research/University of California, Berkeley Executive Director: Veronica Miller (202) 833-4617

Inter-University Program for Latino Research (IUPLR) National Coordinator: Olga Herrera (202) 974-6282


Business & Operations

University of California, Office of Federal Governmental Relations (FGR) (202) 974-6300

Student Press Law Center (202) 785-5450