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Where Are They Now? Roya Soleimani

Roya Soleimani: UC Berkeley ‘07, UCDC Fall ‘05

Roya Soleimani

1. Tell us what you do:

I'm a Corporate Communications Manager at Google where I focus on our People Operations, Diversity, Culture, Education, and Philanthropic efforts. I'm also the lead Google Trends analyst, highlighting trending Google topics on radio and media across the country. I've been at Google for three-and-a-half years, and I love it because no two days are the same. 

2. What made you want to return to Washington after graduation? I technically never moved.

I absolutely fell in love with DC because of the incredible experience I had at UCDC. I did the program as a Junior, and I was a Programming/Research Intern for the Washington Journal at C-SPAN. I worked to keep my DC relationships alive through graduation. I was drawn to DC's political energy and history, and I couldn’t imagine a better place for me. I moved back to DC right after graduation to head up UCDC’s events and programs, so it felt like I was coming back home!

I meant to stay in DC for a year, and then I blinked and 5 years went by! I went to grad school at Georgetown, interned with Secretary Albright's strategy firm, and spent my last year at Voice of America's Persian News Network.

3. What did you learn during your term in Washington that helped you in your career?

UCDC and Washington were perfect living classrooms. I was able to get a sense of DC before to start my career there. From building and keeping professional relationships to learning how to best juggle my professional, volunteer and social commitments - DC gave me the best foundation. 

4. What’s your favorite UCDC memory?

Bruce Cain, our Executive Director invited former Gov. Gray Davis for a conference at the Center. After the event, he brought Davis, his wife, and staff to our apartment for a tour. There were about ten of us in the apartment for an hour swapping stories and having a serendipitous meeting.  

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