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Where are they now? Ethan Wilson, UC Davis '11

Ethan Wilson: UC Davis ‘11, UCDC Fall ‘10

Ethan Wilson, UC Davis, '11

1. Tell us what you do:

I am an attorney at the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) on the Washington D.C. based State-Federal Relations team. Specifically, I am NCSL's policy director for commerce and financial services, and I co-direct NCSL's Communications, Financial Services and Interstate Commerce (CFI) Committee. I have the privilege of working with state legislators and stakeholders to develop policy on financial services, banking infrastructure and regulation, insurance and commerce. I lobby and advocate these policies before Congress and the Administration on behalf of the States. 

2. What made you want to return to Washington after graduation? 

My experience in UCDC had a major impact on me personally and professionally. This city has a profoundly unique and powerful energy that is as captivating as it is contagious. After completing UCDC, I knew I had to return to our nation’s capital. I still love living here, and I have yet to find another place with as much history, charisma and energy.

3. What did you learn during your term in Washington that helped you in your career?

Interning on the Hill was a fantastic experience. Even now, I still have flashbacks of getting lost in Rayburn. I learned a ton about the legislative process and policy development – which, in turn, shaped my career objectives. I established lasting relationships with amazing people with whom I still correspond, and even work with. 

4. What’s your favorite UCDC memory?

While I have many favorite memories from my time at UCDC, one sticks out. It just so happened that I turned 21 on election night in 2010. Needless to say, attending election night events in D.C. and turning 21 the same night was quite the combo. I have great memories of my Hill office staff and fellow UCDC cohort celebrating the occasion with me in fine fashion.

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