Washington Center

Outside Guest Speakers


If you are hosting an outside guest speaker for any class, at least 2 days before the event, please complete the Guest Speaker Notification Form and submit to the security guard stationed in the lobby. Parking is available for guests as well and can be charged to the host faculty member or recharged to an appropriate account number. Parking may be available for guests. For more information about parking, click here.


The following is a summary of the UC Washington Center policy as it relates to faculty and staff guests:

  • Guests accompanied by a faculty or staff member may proceed past security after signing in
  • Guests showing a valid Faculty Guest Badge may proceed without an escort or signing in
  • Guests arriving with prior notification will be allowed entry based on the instructions on the Guest Speaker Notification Form
  • All other guests must show a valid ID at security and announce who they are here to see
    • Security guard on duty will call the office number for that faculty/staff member
    • If the call is received, security will inform host of the guest arrival
    • The faculty/staff member can have the guest sign in and either come up or meet in the lobby
    • If the call is unanswered the guest will not be allowed entry.