Washington Center

Financial Aid at UCDC

Many UCDC participants have noted that living expenses in Washington, DC are higher than at their UC campus. Additionally, while they are here, students tend to eat out more and spend more on entertainment and trips.

All UCDC Participants are encouraged to complete a FAFSA to ensure that they are considered for any financial aid for which they may be eligible. Financial Aid eligibility criteria are the same when studying on UCDC or on UC campuses. In general, campus Financial Aid Offices will adjust awards to meet the increased cost of the Washington DC Academic Internship Program. Upon selection, UCDC will provide participant names to the Financial Aid Office, who will recalculate awards based on estimated costs of living in DC.

UCDC applicants are also encouraged to consult their campus's Financial Aid Office to determine their eligibility and aid. We also recommend that students apply for scholarships that are available on your home campus or through UCDC (for example the Matsui Fellowship).

Links to Campus Financial Aid Offices