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Where Are They Now? Justin Duckham

Justin Duckham: UC Merced '09 UCDC Fall '08

1. Tell us what you do:

I'm the Senior Washington Correspondent for the Talk Radio News Service, the same outlet I interned for at UCDC. I cover the primary stories of the day, conduct interviews, put together audio packages and manage our D.C.-based content. I also make frequent radio appearance and have a weekly guest spot on Fox News' online programming.

2. What made you want to return to Washington after graduation?

I actually never wanted to leave. I had always been attracted to politics and living in D.C. with a front row seat to history was a dream come true. Once my UCDC session ended I negotiated with Talk Radio News Service to extend my internship in order to cover Obama's inauguration. I moved into a room the size of a closet in a less-than-ideal part of the city, but was here for Obama's first week in office.

3. What did you learn during your term in Washington that helped you in your career?

I came to Washington with a relatively black and white view of politics. During my term in Washington I was introduced to the nuances of policy making which gave me a much more realistic view of how Washington and our nation operate.

4. What’s your favorite UCDC memory?

During my first month as an intern, I shared a few drinks with Christopher Hitchens, an author who I greatly admire (and who is unfortunately no longer with us). I was also thrilled to be working on the night of the 2008 election and bear witness, alongside my UCDC friends, to the city-wide celebration that accompanied Obama's win. Also this one time in Adams Morgan....

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