Washington Center

General Research (Quarter only)

Day and Time: 
Tuesdays, 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
Quarter Dates: 
September 30 to December 10, 2014
Core Seminar

The goal of this seminar is to allow you to write the required research paper.  A secondary goal is to allow you to link your internship to the research topic if possible. We will follow four stages: 1) Narrow your topic and define your sources; 2) Describe old attempts at answering your and adjacent questions; 3) State a thesis and identify its basis (argument); 4) Address problems with your argument. You may have to repeat the procedure of this cycle, when you a) face difficulties in sustaining your interest in the initial topic or find the sources inaccessible or unproductive, b) face difficulties in engaging the existing ‘literature’ on the topic, c) face difficulties in stating an argument, or d) face difficulties in saving your argument.  We should aim to save the effort of going all the way to stage four and back by putting as much effort as possible from the start.  That is, make sure you narrow your topic and understand the nature of your sources from the start. The grade is based on two progress reports (10% each) on weeks 3 and 4, a concept statement (20%) by week 6, a partial draft by week 7 (10%), followed by a class presentation and argument (20%) on week 9; the remaining 30 points will be given at the time of the final product by week 10.


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