Washington Center

A Theater of Politics/The Politics of Theater

University of Michigan
Semester Elective
Auditorium – 117

Over the years this course has canvassed the Washington theater scene and discovered a wealth of politically and socially attuned material on DC stages. Washington has, rather surprisingly, emerged as the second most vibrant theatrical city in the nation, surpassing Chicago and Los Angeles in number of performances offered, audience in attendance, and union actors appearing in Equity-contracted productions. This class is a Theater Appreciation course, with an emphasis on viewing plays in performance and responding to them in weekly journal entries. This semester, in addition to introducing students to the wonders of consistent theater-going with dynamic post-performance discussions with the artists who make the art, our focus will concern politically oriented works about the Middle East and the American Civil War.

Syllabus: F12UGIS160/RothSyllabusF12.docx


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