Washington Center

Race and Ethnic Politics in a Post-Obama Presidency

Day and Time: 
Thursdays, 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Semester Dates: 
August 30 to December 6, 2018
Semester Elective

This course will examine the fundamental theories of race and representation as it applies to the lived experiences and quest for freedom, justice, and equality on part of African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, Native Americans and other groups. Given the racial and ethnic demographic shifts over the past two decades, particular attention will focus on race, representation, and racial discrimination from President Obama to President Trump. Moreover, the election of the first black president has transformed the political landscape in ways that have challenged traditional notions of descriptive and substantive representation, while also bringing to the forefront of political science discourse a serious engagement of race and representation scholarship. Finally, the Trump administration has brought to the forefront the ways in which identity politics and white nationalism operate within the context of political inclusion and racial representation. This course will provide an analysis of the public policy and sociopolitical impact of both presidents as it relates to the racial and ethnic demographic shifts in the American polity.


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