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UCDC Summer Academic Program - FAQs

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Course-related Questions

How do I register for summer courses?

UCLA students should proceed directly to MyUCLA for enrollment. All other students must begin by registering online

What are SRS numbers?

Students can enroll in a course by manually entering the unique SRS course number assigned for each course. To locate the appropriate SRS number, click here.

You must manually enter the appropriate SRS number because courses are not taking place on the UCLA campus and do not appear in the UCLA Summer Schedule of Classes.

Both numbers must be inputted to register in a total of 8 units of internship

Can I increase internship units after I’ve enrolled?

Yes. As long as  you do so prior to the registration deadline.

Will course units transfer back to my home UC campus?

The internship offered at the UC Washington Center is sponsored by UCLA Summer Sessions.  At the end of the quarter, students will be able to order transcripts online through URSA. Please click here or more information.

Where can I obtain course information?

Course and instructor information is available by clicking here.

What are the requirements of the internship course?

Students enrolled in the internship course M195DC can earn 4 or 8 units of P/NP credit (please check with your home campus to see if you are eligible to earn credit for this course). Students will be required to sign an internship contract listing their employer information, tasks and responsibilities as well as agree to abide by all course requirements.  Click here for more information.

* Internship is for 10 weeks.  Students can work more than 24 hours per week if earning 4 units, or 32 hours per week, if earning 8 units. However, candidates must intern for a period of ten weeks.  Aggregate hourly count does not apply.

How do I drop my classes?

You may drop your internship course through MyUCLA anytime until July 5, 2019 for a full refund of unit fees. UC students will be charged a $150 processing fee if all courses are dropped regardless of whether the classes have begun; this processing fee will not be charged if enrolled in at least one class. For non-UC students, $200 of the $350 registration fee is refundable until July 5, 2019 if all courses are dropped. For more information, go to UCLA Summer Sessions refund policy.

Fees, Course Enrollments, and Financial Aid

I am a recipient of Cal-Vet benefits. How do I enroll?

Please complete the registration process as described on the Course Fees & Enrollment page, and notify us at UCDCsummersessions@ucdc.edu.

What happens if my financial aid disbursement is delayed?

It is your responsibility to pay for all summer session fees as stipulated in the registration process and on the UCLA Summer Sessions Website.   We strongly encourage you to speak with your campus financial aid office and your UCDC campus coordinator about your aid package and timing of your disbursement prior to and after your arrival in Washington, DC.

Links to Campus Financial Aid Offices
When will I receive my transcript?  How will my grade be transferred?   

Ordering a transcript can be done online through MyUCLA.