Washington Center

IT Support

The UC Washington Center offers a wide range of technology services for students, faculty, staff, tenants, clients and guests. Wifi is available throughout the building and every apartment is equipped with an Ethernet connection. All meeting spaces and classrooms contain audio visual and online capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

UCDC Residents (students, faculty, staff or others staying at UCDC):

  • Change your UCDC initial password before anything else.
  • Use the UCDC-BYOD Wi-Fi network. The UCDC-GUEST Wi-Fi network is reserved for day visitors.
  • Check out the quick fixes to some common IT problems below.


Issue Possible Cause & Resolution
I'm unable to connect to the UCDC-BYOD Wi-Fi network
Changed your initial password prior to arriving at UCDC?

Yes - Follow the instructions for connecting to the UCDC-BYOD network.
No - Go to the Computer Lab and click on the "Forgot my password" link on the logon screen.

Connected to UCDC-GUEST or another Wi-Fi network by mistake?
  1. Forget the UCDC-GUEST Wi-Fi network in the Network Settings of your wireless device. Refer to your manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Follow the instructions for connecting to the UCDC-BYOD network.
Locked out of your UCDC account?

Go to the Computer Lab and follow the steps to Unlock My Account

I don't know my UCDC network username or initial password
  1. Search your personal e-mail account(s) for an e-mail entitled Welcome to UCDC.
  2. If you are unable to locate this email, submit an IT support request via email to itsupport@ucdc.edu
I changed my UCDC network password, but forgot it

Go to the Computer Lab and click on the Forgot My Password link on the Windows logon screen of any computer

I'm connected to the UCDC-BYOD Wi-Fi network, but unable to access the Internet Web browser did not reset after the registration of my device.

Restart your device.

Web browser is stuck on a previously accessed web site

Try accessing a web site that you have never accessed before (for example: https://helpdesk.ucdc.edu)

Any other IT issues Submit a Helpdesk request by sending an email to itsupport@ucdc.edu