Washington Center


More than 10,000 students have participated in the University of California Washington program. Many have returned to California to pursue jobs or graduate school, while others have returned to Washington to pick up where their UCDC experience left off.

We welcome back all UCDC alumni to participate in programs, attend forums, and mentor current students. Check back with this web site in the coming months to find out what your classmates are up to and how you can reconnect. Until then, we invite you to keep up with events and friends through UCDC’s Facebook page. And see information on how you can mentor or make a financial contribution.

On Campus Alumni Resources

There are plenty of ways in DC and beyond to stay connected to the University.

Campus Alumni Sites

UC Berkeley:  http://alumni.berkeley.edu

UC Davis:  http://www.alumni.ucdavis.edu

UC Irvine:  http://www.alumni.uci.edu

UCLA:  http://alumni.ucla.edu

UC Merced:  http://alumni.ucmerced.edu

UC Riverside: http://www.alumni.ucr.edu

UC San Diego: http://alumni.ucsd.edu

UC San Francisco:  http://support.ucsf.edu/alumni

UC Santa Barbara: http://www.ucsbalum.com

UC Santa Cruz: http://alumni.ucsc.edu

UC Federal Government Relations:  http://www.ucop.edu/uer/fgr/welcome.html