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Meeting day/ times Classroom
*Washington, DC Internship (PS M195DC) Prof. James Desveaux

Internship contract required
                    Submit to UCDCsummersessions@ucdc.edu by June 30th.

*Students must intern for 10 weeks
4 units: 24 hours min.
8 units: 32 hours min


Washington, DC Internship

Political Science M195DC
4 or 8 quarter units
Instructor: Professor James Desveaux

P/NP Grade Only

SRS Numbers: no longer available as the registration deadline of April 21st has passed

Description:  Internships in Washington, DC. Individual contract with supervising faculty member required.  


4 unit option: minimum of 24 hrs/ week* for ten weeks

8 unit option: minimum of 32 hrs/ week* for ten weeks

Internship contract required (a copy will be provided to participants on June 19, 2017).  Please submit to UCDCsummersessions@ucdc.edu by June 30, 2017. 

*Internship is for 10 weeks.  Students can work more than 24 hours per week if earning 4 units or 32 hours per week, if earning 8 units. However, candidates must intern for a period of ten weeks.  Aggregate hourly count does not apply.