Washington Center

Student OK after hit in crosswalk

At approximately 10:30am on Thursday, January 24, 2013 a student leaving the UCDC building was hit by taxi cab in the crosswalk directly in front of the building.  The student was taken to Georgetown Hospital and treated for minor injuries. 

While pedestrians are using a crosswalk, vehicles are required by law to stop for them.  Please use good common sense when crossing the street in front of the center.  The construction vehicles next to the center make it difficult for you to be seen by traveling vehicles and also obstruct your view.  Please use extra caution when crossing.  A few tips to make it safer for you:

  1. During inclement weather, please give yourself extra distance because roads may be slicker during snow, rain and icy conditions which makes it more difficult for vehicles to stop.
  2. Do not wear a hood or hat which obstructs your peripheral vision.
  3. Do not wear earbuds or other audio devices while crossing streets.  Being able to hear oncoming traffic is important.
  4. Cross in groups, as group is much easier to see than an individual.
  5. At night, wearing bright colors or reflective materials makes it easier for drivers to see you.  Also using a flashlight or flashing light is helpful for drivers to see you.

Following these few safety tips can help you stay safe while in Washington, D.C.