Washington Center

UCDC Law Program - Housing in Washington, DC

Students participating in the UCDC Law Program are responsible for arranging their own housing. 

Housing is available in the UC Washington Center on a very limited basis. Priority is given to students participating in the undergraduate UCDC program. The UCDC Law Program does not have housing reserved in the Center, however extra space is sometimes available. Visit the UCDC Program's Guest Housing page or email Mac Hamlett for more information. Housing decisions are typically made one to two months prior to the beginning of the term, so it is best to make requests as soon as possible.

A survey of past program participants suggests that students have had success finding housing by utilizing resources such as craigslist and padmapper.com. Students recommend looking for housing along whichever metro line is most accessible to your externship site and strongly suggest visiting apartments before entering rental agreements. For this reason, it can be most useful to conduct the search in person. Students also recommend exploring options in your social networks, such as those provided by your campus alumni networks, Facebook, and Linkedin. Students who are on a budget may want to consider housing options in metro-accessible suburbs outside the District, but should be aware that commuting times can be long.

Most importantly, it is recommended that apartment hunters be patient and remain positive; while housing is in high demand, the vast majority of past participants report being very satisfied with their final housing arrangements. Please feel free to reach out to us should you have any questions or need assistance. 

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