Washington Center

Maintenance and Housekeeping

Maintenance Requests (Work Orders)

If you have an emergency (i.e. flooding, leaks, etc.), call the duty cell line at (202) 415-9275.

Work orders must be submitted online. Repairs are handled on a priority basis. All maintenance and contract workers wear identification badges. Once you place a work order, please know that an authorized worker will enter your apartment to respond to your request. If your request is not urgent and has not been addressed within 72 hours, please notify the Residence Life Office. Please fill out the form completely and put the date and time. Include how you can be contacted to answer any questions. 

In the event that you break or damage an item within your apartment, Residence Life reserves the right to invoice your apartment for the replacement cost of that item.


Weekly cleaning of the common areas and bathroom of your apartment is provided for you.  The cleaning staff will:

  • Mop the kitchen floor
  • Vacuum the living room floor
  • Clean the vanity, shower, toilet, and mop the bathroom floors

Residents must remove personal items from the shower/tub and vanity areas on the designated cleaning day to allow the cleaning staff to clean those areas. 

Cleaning Schedule:

Monday Floors 4 & 5
Tuesday Floors 6 & 7
Wednesday Floors 8 & 9
Thursday Floors 10 & 11

The cleaning and maintenance staff are not available on most holidays.  We will notify you of changes to the cleaning and maintenance schedule due to holidays.

Pest Control

While pests are not always avoidable, you can take some steps to modify the surrounding environment to make it a most unattractive place for pests to live.

  • Mice and other problem pests must have food. It is extremely important to clean up promptly after a meal or snack. Regular trash removal is a necessary step in eliminating ants, mice, roaches, and other pests. (Store opened staple items, i.e. flour, sugar, crackers, cookies, etc. in the refrigerator).
  • Keep the kitchen and bathroom as dry as possible. Always report leaky plumbing fixtures by completing a work order.
  • If you see areas where mice or other pests could be entering your apartment, put in a maintenance request (work order)

If it is necessary to have your apartment fumigated because of pests, please submit a work order immediately. The University reserves the right to determine if fumigation services are needed for the apartment.

Environmental Health and Safety Inspections

UC Washington Center staff conducts quarterly safety inspections. Safety inspections are designed to eliminate health and safety violations and provide a safe living environment for everyone. Preventing conditions that can create fire hazards, pest problems and general safety issues are the main objective of the inspections. You will be notified by email advising you of the dates that inspections will be held. Please do not leave your door unlocked. Residential Services will notify you if any violations require further action.