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Library Resources

General access to University of California online library resources from the UC Washington Center is via the California Digital Library.

The California Digital Library (CDL) webpage provides access to all CDL online resources publicly available or licensed University-wide. This includes access to Melvyl, the UC systemwide library resources catalog. For more detailed information about researching information online through the CDL or the other services that it offers refer to the CDL Services page.

Be aware that many of the online resources available from the CDL are not publicly available. Instead, access to these online resources is through UC campus-specific licensing. In order to access these resources from the UC Washington Center or from off-campus, your web browser must be configured to use your campus proxy server. To log in to Off-campus Access (OCA), click on the UC campus below:

UC Berkeley
UC Davis
UC Irvine 
UC Los Angeles
UC Merced 
UC Riverside 
UC San Diego 
UC Santa Barbara 
UC Santa Cruz

Additionally, the Academic Senate of the University of California has passed an Open Access Policy, ensuring that future research articles authored by faculty at all 10 campuses of UC will be made available to the public at no charge. Articles will be available to the public without charge via eScholarship (UC's open access repository) in tandem with their publication in scholarly journals. Open access benefits researchers, educational institutions, businesses, research funders and the public by accelerating the pace of research, discovery and innovation and contributing to the mission of advancing knowledge and encouraging new ideas and services.

Other resources: