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ResLife Events

Welcome to the Residential Life Events page! Throughout each term we offer a variety of activities for you that range from community building to character development. 

Residential Programs

The programming calendar for the current academic term can be found at the Student Services Desk. Keep in mind that this calendar does not include additional events offered at the Center and is subject to change as logistical needs of the program change. Some events require additional registration and or fees-see purchasing/reserving details below.

A list of Activities and Suggestions (Summer only) can be seen here.

Purchasing/Reserving a Ticket for a Special Program

While most of our programs are free, others, such as day trips and sporting events, require an additional fee or special registration to participate. UCDC uses University Tickets to facilitate payment and/or reservation for such events. You will need to register/create a new user before being able to register online. See Residential Life during posted hours if you need assistance or have questions.

Make sure you understand the following information before purchasing a ticket:

  • Waiver of Liability: A Waiver of Liability form is required where indicated. You will not be allowed to participate without a waiver. Click here for a copy of the waiver of liability form.
  • Cancellation/Refunds: Refunds are only available if an event or trip is canceled by UCDC or our vendors. Once your payment has been processed, funds are then deposited into an account and committed for payment to vendors (bus companies, tickets, tour guides, etc). You will be notified by email if a cancellation occurs.
  • Ticket Insurance: Optional ticket insurance is available through University Tickets at time of check out for additional fees. See coverage details when purchasing a ticket.
  • Selling or Transferring of Tickets: You must submit a Ticket Transfer form if you sell or transfer your ticket to another student. Failure to complete a Ticket Transfer form may render the final purchaser unable to attend the activity. You may only sell your ticket at equal or lesser value as listed on University Tickets. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in a conduct violation. Click here for a copy of the Ticket Transfer form.
  • Waitlists: Waitlist information is posted as an event reaches capacity.