Washington Center

Check-out Information


Your SIS contract's end date by 1:00 p.m.

Check-Out Location: You will check out at the Security Desk (open 24 hours) on the first floor. When you check out, you must be completely packed and out of your assigned spaec. Please allow about 10 minutes to complete the move-out process. (Please note that you cannot be signed in as a guest until 15 days after the end of your contract.)

Returning Access Items: Turn in your key, access fob, UPass metro card, and ID card when you check out at the Security Desk. The codes on your items must match the original codes on your check-in form, unless you received replacement items during your time in the Center. You must return the exact items that you were issued when you moved into the building. If the coes do not match or if you do not turn in all items, you will be charged an improper check-out fee of $100, plus the cost to replace the missing items. You may replace lost items at the Residence Life Office on the 4th floor (during normal business hours) before you begin your move-out process.

Late Flights/Travel: See "Late Departures" in the next section. 



You are required to fully meet all internship and academic requirements prior to your departure. This includes (but may not be limited to) fully completing your internship, attending all scheduled class and faculty meetings, and meeting applicable assignment deadlines. Please notify Residential Services only if you are leaving the Monday before your scheduled move-out date. 

UC STUDENTS: You must contact your assigned Program Administrator in DC to be pre-approved to depart and end your internship early. Additionally, you must provide verification to your PA that all academic requirements (as it concerns your internship and courses) have been met and discussed with applicable faculty and staff (Program Administrators and/or the UCDC Adminsitrator of Academic Services). 

NON-UC STUDENTS: Check in with your on-site and/or on-campus DC program coordinator to make sure you are permitted to end your internship and/or academic program early. 

Early Departures: If you are planning to leave before 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, December 8th, you may check out at the Security Desk starting from December 3rd. Please follow the instructions above for checking out and turning in your access items, and follow all directions related to academic requirements. If you are leaving between Monday and Saturday, you do not need to email Residential Services. If you are approved to leave before Monday, December 3rd please email ResidentialServices@ucdc.edu so we can properly prepare for your departure. 

Late Departures: If your travel arrangements aren't until later in the day on Saturday, December 8th, you may leave your luggage in the lobby until you depart for your next destination. You must still check out by Saturday at 1:00 p.m., at which point you will no longer have access to floors 2-11. UCDC will not take responsibility for your items, but Security will allow you into the lobby to access your luggage if you exit the building. You may not go to any of the upper floors of the building (2-11) once you check out. You are not required to give notice for this type of late departure because it does not alter your actual move-out day and time.

Extended Contracts: If you have an approved contract extension (that you have accepted in SIS), follow all the above check-out instructions on your scheduled move-out date. You may also want to keep any documentation confirming your extension for your personal records. 



 Discuss cleaning responsibilities with your apartment mates. You are not expected to buy cleaning items solely for this purpose. Please use water, soap, and paper towels to clean to the best of your ability. The apartment must be clean when you leave:

  • Clean kitchen counters, sink, stove, oven and refrigerator
  • Wash dishes and place in cabinets
  • Vacuum the entire apartment
  • Return all furniture to its original location
  • Take out all trash, recycling, and excess food items

Cleaning Fees: A full cleaning checklist is/will be provided to you in your apartment mailbox on the 4th floor. If you do not clean all areas on the list, you will be charged an additional cleaning fee.

Damage Fines: If there is damage to the apartment, you will be held responsible and charged accordingly.

Missing Items: You will be held financially responsible for any items missing from your apartment. 



Donation bins are at the end of each hallway, just past the trash chute. You may leave:

  • Unopened nonperishable goods
  • Clothes & shoes
  • Bedding (sheets, blankets, etc)
  • Other unused/gently used items in good condition

Extended Contracts: Donation bins may not be available if you have a later check-out date. Please plan accordingly. 



The Washington Center is a commercial building, which means the US Postal Service will not accept mail forwarding requests from the Center. Our office is unable to forward your mail, so plan accordingly. Cancel/forward subscriptions and update your address for any online retailers you use, such as Amazon. 

Be sure to check your mailbox before moving out. Any items left at the Center will be returned to the sender.

Arrange to ship your packages home. You may borrow a flatbed cart from Security (with your UCDC ID) to transport your box(es) to your selected mailing center. Packages cannot be sent from the Washington Center. 

Closest Mailing Centers:

  • Fedex: 1612 K St. NW (near Farragut West Station) OR 1512 14th St. NW
  • UPS Store: 1127 Connecticut Ave. NW (Mayflower Hotel, 2nd floor) OR 1030 15th St. NW
  • US Post Office: 1800 M St. NW OR 1050 Connecticut Ave. NW (Washington Square Station)



The following fines may be imposed during the check-out process:

  • Late Check-Out: $25.00 for every 15 minutes after the end of your check-out period
  • Improper Check-Out: Starts at $100.00
  • Not Turning in Access Items (key, fob, UPass metro card, ID card): $100.00 + cost to replace the item
  • Damages, Cleaning, Missing Items: Varies, based on cost of items and extent of labor



Let us know about your experience, what we should maintain, and what we can do better for future residents.

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