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Basic Needs

University of California | UCDC | Basic Needs Program


We are excited to share our UCDC Basic Needs Program. We understand that a remote UCDC term brings additional challenges for some of our students, and we hope to provide assistance in meeting your basic needs of food and housing security. Here are three resources that are available to UCDC REP participants:

  • Home campus basic needs resources (virtual & in-person)

  • In-person assistance from the UC campus nearest you (in-person)

The Basic Needs team is available to provide support, resources, and campus referrals to assist all UCDC students. Please reach out to us at basicneeds@ucdc.edu

This page provides up to date student resources, and we look forward to engaging with staff, prospective students, and partners once in-person programming resumes

Looking Forward

The vision of our basic needs program is that all students will have equitable access to resources and services to ensure that they thrive in the UCDC programAs we look ahead to our students’ return to DC, we seek to provide reliable and consistent access to nutritious food through an on-site food pantry; resources to improve the quality of apartment living; and support to help alleviate the financial stress of living and working in Washington, D.C. 

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