Washington Center

Support Policy

Technology Support Policy

The use of information technology resources at the UC Washington Center (UCDC) is governed by the University of California’s Electronic Communication Policy, related University Business & Finance bulletins and local policies established by UCDC. UCDC provides technical support of University-owned technology including computers, network infrastructure and resources, television, telecommunications and audio/visual systems. UCDC's goal is to respond to all requests for service as quickly as feasible. UCDC Information Services staff prioritizes requests for technical support as they come in using the following general guidelines:

  • Urgent requests are those that meet one or more of the following criteria:
    • Failure or problem with core business service (for instance, facility-wide loss of network, Internet connectivity or telecommunications systems) is handled before all other requests. Core business service failures usually affect the operation of the entire facility;
    • Failure or problem with a shared system that affects multiple users but not the entire facility (for example, a problem with a network printer, classroom/event audio-visual system or affects the flow of user e-mail);
    • A single system failure (for example, where a user’s computer is not functional or where the problem is time-sensitive or affects an activity that is vital to the nature of the user's work);
    • The security of one or more systems is compromised.
  • Basic requests typically fall into the following categories:
    • The request is specified as non-urgent by the user;
    • The request involves peripheral or secondary equipment such as printers;
    • The user is experiencing an application problem that does not interfere with critical functions
    • The user has an informational question (e.g., "How do I...?").
  • Planned requests are those that require scheduling, research, or other advance preparation. Examples of planned requests might include the following:
    • Hardware or software recommendations;
    • Computer or telephone setups and moves;
    • Maintenance;
    • Software installation or upgrades;
    • Hardware upgrades or service;
    • Requests for other services (for instance, classroom/event audio/visual setup & support).

The above are gross rules-of-thumb that are applied on a case-by-case basis. The underlying premise for support is the prudent use of available resources to resolve the problems that impact the greatest number of users first. Consequently, extenuating circumstances that bear upon this premise may alter the order in which a problem is handled. Be aware that priority in order of service for all levels of service is provided to UCDC faculty, students and staff first ahead of guests and visitors.

Customary Response Times

 UCDC's customary response times for technical support requests are shown in the table below:

Category Initial response time Commencement of work
Urgent 0-90 minutes 0-3 hours
Basic 0-4 hours 0-2 days
Planned 2-8 hours To be arranged

The "initial response time" refers to the time during which the duty UCDC Information Services staff member will contact a user (generally by email or telephone) to gather additional information about the issue and/or schedule a service call. In some cases, the duty staff member will need to refer the issue to another staff member or an outside consultant who is better suited to resolving the issue. "Commencement of work" refers to the period in which a support staff member will be able to begin to take steps to resolve the problem.

All times in the table above refer to normal working hours, considered to be between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. excluding weekends and holidays. All times are for the Eastern Time Zone (UT-5). UCDC reserves the right to adjust these hours based on compelling need. After hours technical support is only available via prior advanced arrangement and is subject to the discretion of UCDC. If a support request comes in late in the day or afterhours, it will usually be dealt with the following business day. The upper time limits are considered to be worst-case situations. In unusual circumstances (such as when one or more technical support staff members are out sick, on vacation, in training, etc.), it is possible that the upper time limits may be exceeded.