Washington Center

Printing & Copying

  1. CREATE your account at wepanow.com. Choose the Register/Create an Account option.
  2. UPLOAD your documents to the Wēpa print cloud.
  3. LOGIN at the Wēpa print station in the 3rd floor computer lab with the Wēpa username and password that you have created.
  4. PRINT your documents.


Tag any card with a magnetic stripe to your Wēpa account. Login at the Wēpa print station in the 3rd floor computer lab and select "Manage Tag" from the dropdown menu.

Faculty & Staff Copying & Printing

Faculty and staff with UCDC network accounts may use UCDC's network printers or copiers. Network printers and copiers are available on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The copiers require that you enter a departmental access code on the keypad before use. Your program or unit will be billed for each page that you print or copy. You may contact Mary Byrne at mary.byrne@ucdc.edu or 202-974-6205 for a departmental access code.


  1. Press the ID button on the copier display.
  2. Enter your departmental access code on the display.
  3. Place you document in the sheet feeder.
  4. Press the "+" or "-" button to adjust the number of copies. Other adjustments to the copy such as enlarging, reducing and changes in contrast my be made by pushing the "Copy" button.
  5. Press the "Copy/Start" button to begin the job.
  6. To Logout: Swipe down at the clock toolbar in the upper right part of the screen. On the pull down menu press “Logout”. Confirm your selection by pressing “Logout” again on the next screen.
Accessing the Copier Keyboard
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  1. Within your document, choose "Print".
  2. Select either 3rdfloorcopier or fgrcopier from the list of available printers. Click "Print".
  3. Enter your departmental access code into the ID field of the Confirmation pop-up window. Click "OK".
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