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Robert T. Matsui - UC Congressional Fellowship

About the Robert T. Matsui - UC Congressional Fellowship Program

The Robert T. Matsui - UC Congressional Fellowship recognized exceptional undergraduate students in the UC Washington Program (UCDC) interested in public service and who engaged in congressional internships. The program provided financial support, placement assistance, and special programming for each class of Fellows. Launched in 2007, the program awarded its final fellowships in 2019.

Reflections From Our Alumni

Honor and Opportunity

The Robert T. Matsui—UC Congressional Fellowship gave me the opportunity to meet former President Clinton, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Congresswoman Matsui along with networking with other people. It also allowed me to use the scholarship to further my education. The Fellowship gave me the honor to become part of a network of people who motivate themselves and other members of society to be civically engaged. I am proud to say that as the first RTM congressional Fellow, many doors have opened for me and I am grateful for everything.”

--Joanna Perez, UCLA ’08, Fall 2007 Fellow, Office of Senator Dianne Feinstein

Public Service as a Future Career Path

"The Robert Matsui fellowship provided me the opportunity to explore public service as a future career path. It gave me the support and training I needed to get the most out of my internship and prepared me with the tools to seek employment upon completion. It was a privilege to be a Robert T. Matsui—UC Congressional Fellow because the Matsui family is genuine in their work to motivate and prepare students to become the future public servants of America.”

--Guillermina Garcia, UCB ’08, Fall 2008 Fellow, Office of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs

A Sense of Belonging to the World of Politics

“I have loved every moment of living and working in Washington, DC. The Fellowship was wonderful in helping me build connections and friendships. The UCDC program and the Matsui Foundation have been great resources and have mentored me in the best direction to supplement my internship at Senator Feinstein's Office. I will take away a sense of belonging to the world of politics and public service. I now how a clearer sense of my future career path, and I hope to come back to Washington and work for Congress.”

--Mohammad Naim, UCLA ’09, Winter 2009 Fellow, Office of Senator Dianne Feinstein

A New Perspective on Progress

“My quarter at UCDC and specifically as a Matsui Fellow was something that altered my undergraduate experience. The Matsui Fellowship gave me the support and resources necessary to excel in my internship and make the most of my three months in Washington DC. Because of my experience as a Matsui Fellow, I am now committed to a career in public service."

--Janou Gordon, UCLA, Fall 2009 Fellow, Office of Congressman Henry Waxman