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Living with Roommates

Living with Roommates

Communication is the key to successful apartment living and interactions of all kinds. Always strive to keep communication channels open. Chances are that if something is bothering you, it is bothering your roommate or apartment-mate as well. Be honest and tactful when discussing your feelings with your roommate and/or apartment mates. If you are finding it difficult to express your feelings or are frustrated by the responses that you are getting, ask your CSD for help. The CSD is trained to assist you in creating a dialogue with your apartment mates.

Room Changes

If you and your roommate or apartment mates are having difficulties you cannot resolve, you should discuss the situation with your CSD. You and/or your CSD may come up with some new ways to approach the problem. If the problems persist, then it might be possible to change rooms, if there are vacancies. If you and your CSD feel that a change is necessary, a recommendation will be made to the Director of Student Services. 

The Director of Student Services will meet with you and your apartment-mates to make a final determination regarding the change. In the event that a room change is not possible, your CSD and the Director of Student Services will sit down with you and your roommates to draw up a contract that will make it easier to live together for the remainder of the quarter/semester. Roommate Contracts may be required in special circumstances.