Washington Center

UCDC Mentorship Program


The UCDC Mentorship Program facilitates networking and mentoring of UCDC students, using our alumni contacts and resources in the Washington, DC Area. 

Mentors are UC alums established in their professions who live and work in DC. Student/mentor matches are based on academic, professional, and extracurricular interests. Mentors are instrumental in coaching students on life in Washington and providing their insight, advice, access, and network for students' professional development.

Each mentor arrangement is unique in terms of time spent, activities pursued, communication frequency, and the balance between personal and professional focus.  

Alumni participants are surveyed in order to determine their eligibility, availability, and specific ‘fit’ for students in different internship and professional sectors. 

Expectations of Mentors:

  • Extend your mentee a warm welcome to Washington, DC.
  • Be accessible and responsive to your mentee by email and/or phone throughout their term in order to field questions.
  • Meet in-person with your mentee at least twice during their 10-week quarter or 14-week semester.

Program Timeline by Term:

  • Fall Semester (14-week): August 28 - December 8
  • Fall Quarter (10-week): September 25 - December 8
  • Winter Quarter (10-week): January 8 - March 16
  • Spring Semester (14-week): January 8 - April 20
  • Spring Quarter (10-week): March 26 - June 8


  • On a rolling basis, DC Area-UC alumni register their interest in volunteering as a mentor for UCDC students.
  • A pre-screening process determines eligibility, facilitates the collection of contact and work/career information.
  • Matched alumni mentors will receive communications outlining program expectations, guidance for engaging their mentee, and contact information to kick off the mentorship experience.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Kolby Keo at kolby.keo@ucdc.edu.