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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Table of Contents:

Getting Started

Creating a Student Information System (SIS) Profile

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How do I sign-up for an SIS account?

Please go to Register with UCDC to create an account. After you create an account, your UCDC Campus Coordinator will “accept” you. After acceptance, you’ll be required to log-in again and finish the remaining three tabs and accept the housing contract.

Who do I contact if I encounter any difficulties?

Please email us at SISsupport@ucdc.edu.

What are the next steps? 

• Read thoroughly the welcome email sent by Karina Castellanos

• Join our UCDC Facebook Group (link provided in welcome letter)

• Submit an Internship Action/ Interests Form 

• Apply to the Robert T. Matsui -UC Congressional Fellowship

     (Fall, Winter, and Spring - for those interested in Congressional Internships only)

• Apply for the Presidential Fellowship (Fall only)

• Accept the UCDC Housing Contract

• Complete the Roommate survey

• Pre-enroll for courses (instructions on next page)

• Read the Intern’s Guide to DC 

• Inform your health care provider that you will be out of area


Academic Experience

Enrollment / Courses 

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How do I know what courses are being offered in future terms?

You can see a tentative list of course offerings for the academic year on the UCDC website under Future Seminars and Electives. This list is subject to change, but it gives you a good idea of what you can expect for courses at UCDC.

How do I enroll for courses?  By when?

To pre-enroll for courses, go to Enrollment. The date varies each academic term. Please check the Academic Calendar.

Am I required to take a seminar and an elective?

Only semester students are required to take a seminar and an elective. Quarter students are required to take a seminar. Electives are optional.  However, all students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units. Be sure to verify your unit count to ensure that you are meeting the minimum requirement.

What happens if I am on a waitlist? How do I know when I will be accepted in the class?

Students are allowed to add/drop classes during the first two weeks of the term.

As a result, waitlisted students may move to enrolled status. GoSignMeUp (pre-enrollment system) automatically generates email updates to inform students of changes in enrollment status.

When do classes start and end?

You can find all important dates for the term on the UCDC website under Academic Calendar.  Students are required to be in attendance for the whole term (Quarter or Semester) to complete the academic program. If you have any concerns about this requirement, please contact your assigned UCDC Program Administrator (Alfreda Brock, Chantal Quintero).

Where can I find a syllabus?

Before the semester or quarter begins, draft syllabi are available on the UCDC website under Academic and Courses. Select the appropriate term and click on the name of the course. These syllabi should not be considered final. When the term begins, you will be given a syllabus by your professor in electronic and/or hard copy form.

How do I contact my professor (seminar or elective)?

A list of current instructors and their email addresses can be found on the electronic board near the 3rd floor elevators, and in the announcement box outside Room 311B.

How and when do I designate grade options?

At the beginning of the academic term you will receive a UC Student Information Form. You are required to list your courses and designate grade options for each course. The deadline to deposit this form in one of the drop boxes located near the security station in the lobby is 1 p.m. on the 2nd Friday of the academic term.

Can I take a seminar for P/NP?

For seminars, P/NP grading option only is available to students from UCB, UCSD, UCSC.

I want to drop or add a course.  How do I do that?  What is the deadline?

Students may add or drop a course during the first two weeks of classes. All add/drop

requests must be done online through the Pre-enrollment page at by no later than 1 p.m. on the second Friday of the academic term. Add/drop deadlines are posted in the elevators, in the announcement box outside Room 311B and on the Academic Calendar

Where can I find textbooks/ readers on reserve?

Course materials on reserve can be checked out at the fourth floor Residential Life office.

As a fall term extended stay student, do I enroll in semester or quarter courses?

Quarter students participating as extended stay students must enroll in quarter courses.

When will I receive my elective grade?

Grades are generally posted 6 to 8 weeks after the end of the academic term. UCLA students will see their grades posted at the end of the academic term. 

Who do I contact if I have trouble pre-enrolling or have questions regarding UCDC courses? You may contact the UCDC Administrator of Academic Services, Sabrin Said

How do I receive academic accommodations in my courses?

You must have proper documentation from your home campus, submitted through SIS or sent directly to the UCDC Registrar. This information is transmitted to your instructor(s) who will work with you to provide the accommodations that you need.  Please see the UC Statement on Accommodations for Students with Disabilities.


Internship Search Process, Requirements and Experience

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1. Internship Search Process:

What happens once I fill out the internship interest form?

Based on your interests and the feedback provided on the form, you will be assigned to work with one of two Senior Program Administrators (Alfreda Brock, Chantal Quintero) who will assist you in identifying potential organizations and provide guidance during your search.

How do I search for an internship?

Please visit the Finding an Internship page for a list of helpful links. You will also be invited to join a closed Facebook group where we will share and post internship leads. The information will also be shared via e-mail on every Friday.  

Who do I contact if I have questions while I search for an internship?

You are encouraged to contact the UCDC Program Administrator (Alfreda BrockChantal Quintero) to whom you have been assigned. If you are not sure, please contact Karina Castellanos.

2. Requirements:

How many hours am I required to work at my internship? 

Student interns are required to intern between 24-32 hours per week.  Please verify with your campus UCDC office and/or with UCDC Program Administrator (Alfreda BrockChantal Quintero) for additional information.

When can I start my internship?

Students are expected to begin their internship on the day after orientation. In 2016-17, the dates are:

• Fall Semester and Extended Quarter 2016 - August 30th

• Fall Extended Quarter - September 7th

• Fall Quarter 2016 - September 27th

• Winter Quarter 2017 - January 10th

• Spring Semester 2017 - January 10th

• Spring Quarter 2017 - March 28th

When can I end my internship?

Students are expected to intern through:

• Fall Semester and Quarter 2016 - week of December 5th

• Spring Semester 2017 - week of April 17th

• Winter Quarter 2017 - week of March 13th

• Spring Quarter 2017 -  week of June 5th

What is a learning agreement?  When is it due?

This is a tool for you to lay out the goals of your internship, discuss expectations with your supervisor, confirm your available dates and weekly hours. The document is required of all UCDC participants. It is due the second Friday after you arrive.

Is it permissible to intern with two sites?

It is possible although not recommended. Please contact your UCDC Program Administrator (Alfreda BrockChantal Quintero) to discuss the particulars of your situation.

How will I be evaluated?  Is my supervisor going to be contacted?

We will reach out to your respective internship supervisor(s) toward the end of the term and ask them to complete an evaluation via SurveyMonkey. Supervisors will also be asked to provide feedback on your performance and confirm your internship hours. We will notify you and your peers when the request will be sent out to employers.

3. Experience:

I want to attend a field activity offered by the UC Washington Program, however it is during business hours; how do I ask my supervisor for time off?

You are encouraged to give your supervisor advance notice (72 hours minimum) about UCDC activities you are attending. Please be aware of events and activities that might conflict with your internship responsibilities. 

How do I ask my supervisor for additional work? And for feedback on my performance?

We encourage students to meet with their supervisors on a regular basis in order to ask for feedback, discuss projects and assignments. Ask your supervisor if they might be willing to set-up a weekly or bi-weekly meetings.  

When should I ask for a letter of recommendation?

Two weeks before your internship ends.

What should I do if my supervisor resigns or leaves his/ her post during my internship?

Please notify your UCDC Program Administrator (Alfreda BrockChantal Quintero) with the contact information of your new supervisor and we will update your work plan. 

What do I do if I have to leave the program earlier than on the check-out date?

Approval is required for early departures. All academic work in the seminar and elective courses must be completed, and internship requirements must be met.  Please speak with your UCDC Program Administrator (Alfreda BrockChantal Quintero) to discuss the situation.


Residing at UCDC

Housing and Residential Life

Residential Life Website

Residential Life Handbook

Helpful link:

How do I find out who my roommates are?

Your roommate information will be emailed to you by the Residential Life Office a few weeks prior to your arrival.

How are roommates assigned?

Prior to arrival, students fill out a roommate survey preference. All students are then matched based on those preferences. Students who wish to select a roommate may do so as long as all parties involved request the same parties. 

For example, Rory Gilmore and Paris Gellar want to be roommates, both Paris and Rory must request one another as roommates.  If only Paris requests Rory, the pairing will not be honored.

How do I get to the UC Washington Center?

The UC Washington Center is located at 1608 Rhode Island Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, 20036.

There are three major airports that are close to DC, all of which have several options of ground transportation to get you to UCDC:

From Ronald Reagan/National Airport (DCA)

• Taxis: Taxis are located curbside throughout the airport. Approximate rate is $18-20.

• Super Shuttle: Super Shuttle is located in baggage claim. The fare for one passenger is approximately $15.

• Metro: Take the Blue Line from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport to Farragut West, which is walking distance to the Center.

From Dulles International Airport (IAD)

• Taxis: The Washington Flyer Taxi is the only taxi company that travels from Dulles Airport, and can be found in the ground transportation center near baggage claim. Approximate rate is $60.

• Supper Shuttle: Super Shuttle is located in the ground transportation center near baggage claim. The fare for one passenger is approximately $30.

• Public Transportation: The Washington Flyer Coach service runs approximately every 30 minutes and will take you to the Orange Line’s West Falls Church station for $10. You can then take the Metro to Farragut West, which is walking distance to the center. Additionally, Metrobus 5A travels to L’Enfant Plaza, which is on the Orange and Blue Lines, both of which travel to Farragut West. The fare is $6.

From Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI)

• Taxis: The taxi stand is located just outside of baggage claim. Approximate rate is $90.

• Super Shuttle: Super Shuttle is located in baggage claim. The fare for one passenger is approximately $40.

• Trains: MARC and Amtrak trains provide free shuttle service to the BWI Marshall Rail Station, from which you can take MARC or Amtrak trains to Union Station, which is off of the Red Line. Take Union Station to Dupont Circle or Farragut North, which are both walking distance from the center. The MARC Penn Line is a commuter train, which only run during the weekdays and cost $6. See the Amtrak website for fares.

May I arrive before my check-in day?

No early arrivals are permitted.

How late can I arrive on check-in day?

Check in begins at 8 am on the first day of check in and ends at 9pm the second day of check in. Students who check in between the hours of 10pm-8am are encouraged to be thoughtful and courteous of their new roommates that may have already arrived at the center.  Please be respectful when choosing your arrival time.

My parents are driving me to the UC Washington Center. Where can we park?

There is metered street parking available throughout downtown DC. UCDC also has a below ground parking facility.  For details and parking application please visit Student/Guest Parking.

Can my parents stay with me in the apartment after I get checked in?

Your parents are welcome to assist you moving in.  They will need to check in at security and receive a guest badge.  They cannot stay with you overnight during the first week of your stay.  For all the guest visitor information go to http://www.ucdc.edu/node/802.  

My internship dates don’t match the housing dates. What do I do?

You can request to arrive early or stay late based on your internship requirements. UCDC Program Administrators and the housing office will work together to review your request and determine if the request will be approved.  For details on how to make the request please go to page 27 of the UCDC Student Information System Primer

How much will it cost me to arrive early/leave late?

Rates for additional days are charged at the same daily rate as your contracted term. For an exact amount please contact Mac Hamlett, Manager of Building and Housing Services. 

My internship starts later in the term.  Can I check in a late?  Can I get a refund for the days I’m not residing in the building?

You are strongly encouraged to arrive during the scheduled arrival dates.  There are mandatory orientations (Residential, Academic) the day after the last day of check-in, and you will miss important information if you are absent.  If you miss the Residential and Academic Orientations, you may be assessed a fine. No refunds on rent are available for students who arrive late. 

What do I do If I have to leave the program earlier than on the check-out date?  Can I get a refund on my rent?

No refunds for students leaving early will be provided.  An approval is required for an early departure, please contact your UCDC Program Administrator (Alfreda BrockChantal Quintero) to discuss the particulars of your situation. 

I am shipping all my stuff.  Where do I send it? Can I ship items before I arrive?  What address do I use?

Packages may be mailed and we can accept packages up to three days prior to your arrival.  Your address is: Your Name, 1608 Rhode Island Ave NW Apt ###, Washington, DC  20036.  If you don’t have your apartment number don’t worry! It will still get to you. Mailboxes are on the fourth floor. Your mailbox # is the same as your apartment # and your apartment key opens your mailbox. Packages can be picked up from the Residential Services Office mail window, which is the giant, metal-gated window to the right of the mailboxes. We put notices in your mailbox when you receive a package. If you do not have a slip, we either do not yet have your package, or it has not been sorted. Once you have a slip, you may pick-up your package.

Where are the laundry rooms?

Rooms 405, 605, and 1005 are actually laundry rooms. They accept quarters and credit/debit cards.

Can I reserve the fourth floor lounge?

No. The lounge can only be reserved by Residential Staff for programs and events. Otherwise, it’s first come, first serve (be considerate if there are other people waiting).

I lost my key/Sonitrol/ID badge. What should I do?

Either go to the Residential Services Office or call the 24-hour Duty Line if the Residential Services Office is closed. You’ll want to have those items replaced ASAP. You will have to write a check (or pay by money order) for your replacement items.

What if there’s an emergency?

If you are in immediate danger call 911.  You can also reach the Residential Life Staff at our 24/7 emergency line: (202) 415-9275.  This is not an information line so please only use this line in the event of an emergency.  Of course, you’re welcome to approach any of us if you see us in the building or email us your questions.

I have a maintenance problem in my apartment. What do I do?

For maintenance requests please submit a work order.

I can’t get the wireless to work in my apartment. What do I do?

For IT requests (log-in trouble, Wifi /wireless access/ TV issues) please submit a request to the IT Help Desk request. Computers are available in the 3rd floor computer lab and at the lobby kiosks.

I want to move to another apartment. What do I need to do?

You can request a meeting with Josh Brimmeier, Director of Student Services, to discuss your desire to change rooms. You will need to complete this form and submit it to the Residential Life Office on the 4th Floor. This form will be accepted any time but no moves will be processed during the first two weeks of the term.

What are the apartments like and what is provided in them?

Please visit the Residential Life – Apartments page

What is your guest policy?

Please visit the Roommate Information page.

Is the UCDC Center ADA compliant?

Yes, UCDC is ADA compliant. Students requesting accommodations for housing should reach out to Josh Brimmeier

Can I bring pets?

Pets are not permitted at UCDC. Service Animals are permitted with appropriate documentation.

Can I reside at the Center if I am married? What if I have children?

UCDC does not have family or married student housing.  In some cases, married students can bring their spouse based on availability.  Please reach out to Josh Brimmeier to inquire about the specific term.

Health Insurance / Access to Health Care:

Helpful links: UCSHIP



Are students required to have health coverage while in DC? 

Yes, the requirement is the same as it is on campus.  All students participating in the UCDC program must have proof of health insurance.

Can I be covered by a plan other than UC SHIP? 

Yes.  Be sure to consult with your health insurance provider prior to your arrival in DC to learn about your plan and coverage outside of area. 

How do I find out about UCSHIP?

Find your campus in the text box above and click on the corresponding link.  You will be directed to your campus health office for additional information.

What do I do if I am ill?  How can I see a doctor?  Where do I go?

Please consult with your health insurance provider to locate doctors/ physicians in the DC area.  If you are in an emergency situation, call 911.

Do I need to notify my internship supervisor if I am sick?

Yes, notify your supervisor that you will be absent before your regularly scheduled arrival time.

Is it better to stay home if I am sick?

Yes. The last thing you want to do is spread a virus and infect staff members of your office.

If I take a sick day, should I make up the hours at my internship?

Consult with your supervisor.

How do I access the first aid kit after business hours?  Where is the first aid kit located?

At the security desk on the 1st floor, and on the fourth floor near the residential life office.

Do I need to show my internship supervisor a doctor’s note?

Only if you plan to be out of the office for three or more consecutive days.

What are the closest hospitals to the Center?

George Washington University - located 1 mile south west of the Center in Foggy Bottom

Howard University - located approximately 1 mile north of the Center

Social Media & Outreach

How can I share my UCDC experience and promote the program to other students?

We are constantly seeking student stories to share on our online channels and communications materials. Contact Communications Specialist
Cheriz Cajita, to share your story with a wider audience.

Where can I find UCDC on social media?




• Search for the hashtag #UCDC

How do I submit pictures for the Photo of the Week/Term contests?

Submit your photo by emailing a full resolution image to ucwashcenter@gmail.com with the subject line, “Photo of The Week.”

Remember to include:

• Your full resolution photo

• A caption for your photo

• Your full name

• Your home campus

You can submit as many photos as you’d like. They can be from your entire time in D.C. and are not limited to the week of the contest.

I won the Photo of the Week contest, how do I get my prize?

Cheriz will send you an email to notify you about how to pick up your prize.

How do I submit a video for the Video of the Term contest?

We are looking for videos to show prospective students all of the amazing opportunities that UCDC has to offer. Submit a video of your UCDC experience for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card! Just submit your video(s) to this Dropbox folder. You do not need a Dropbox account to submit a video.

Please provide:

- A high resolution version of your video (1080p or higher)

- Your full name

- Your email address

- Filename for video should read as: Campus_FirstNameLastName.

Submit as many videos as you’d like. Videos should be no more than three minutes long.

Other Resources

We encourage all participants to consult the:

• The Intern’s Guide to Washington, DC for other important information/ advice 

Current Students Quick Links

Faculty and Staff Directory