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UC Alumni Advisory Board

The University of California Alumni Advisory Board (UCAAB) is a representative body of UC alumni leaders in the Washington, DC area. The Board meets bimonthly to plan all-UC alumni events and programs as well as discuss opportunities to engage with the UCDC Program and its students.

2017 UC Alumni Advisory Board:

UC Berkeley

Kathy Molina

Valeria Sandoval

Jemelyn Tayco

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UC Davis

Dennis Gonzalez

Delaney McCune

Carly Sandstrom (UCAAB Co-Chair)

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UC Irvine

Christina Bui

Vanessa Vaughan (UCAAB Co-Chair)

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UC Merced



Ben Moore

Mat Swatek

Robert Wiacek


UC Riverside

Mina Kato

Pedro Montenegro


UC San Diego

Scott Estrada

Andrew-Brian Nguyen

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UC San Francisco

UC Santa Barbara


UC Santa Cruz

Shoshana Risman

George Zhong


UC Washington Program (UCDC) 

Kolby Keo, UCDC Alumni Affairs

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UC alumni who are interested in getting involved with UCDC should contact Kolby Keo.