Washington Center

Alumni Mentorship Program

This program is designed to facilitate networking and mentoring of UCDC quarter and semester program students, using our extensive alumni contacts and resources in the Washington, DC area. The program provides a structured way to explore and facilitate mentorship arrangements, and serves the interests of students and alumni of UCDC and UC schools in general. 

For UCDC Students

Mentorship arrangements are a proven way for student interns to gain further insights about their career fields of interest, their internship work in DC, and strategies to further position themselves for career or graduate school success. Whenever possible, students gain referrals to DC alumni of their home campus, and who have direct experience in the student’s career fields of interest. 

For DC-Area UC Alumni

For alumni who wish to ‘give back’ to UCDC and their home UC schools, the UCDC Alumni Mentorship Program is a structured and systematic way to contribute their insights, advice, and potential further contact for students’ professional development. Alumni participants are pre-screened in order to determine their eligibility, availability, and specific ‘fit’ for students in different internship and professional sectors. 


On an ongoing basis, UC alumni who work/reside in the DC area are welcome to register their interest in being a mentor for one or more UCDC students. A pre-screening process includes detailed instructions about the process, collection of contact and work/career information, and a clear statement of the program expectations and rules of interaction between students and their mentors. 

UCDC faculty and administration determines optimal mentor/mentee matches, and provides the alumni mentor initial, basic information about their potential student mentee. Alumni are asked not to contact the student until the initial start of program, after students complete a mandatory Mentorship Program orientation. Students then receive the name and contact information for their mentor. In the first and second weeks of the term, students contact their mentor to set up a coffee meeting. During the fourth week, UCDC faculty and administrators will check in with both the students and the mentors. In the final week of the term (week 10 for quarter students, week 14 for semester students) a closing reception will be held where students consider possible ‘next steps’ for keeping their DC networks active, learn about ways to expand their networks, and reflect on their own and their peers’ mentorship experiences.